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Rebuilding ProForma automation rules

UPDATED June 15, 2022 AEST: The ProForma automation engine will stop running rules on July 14th, 2022. I previously stated that the automation engine would stop running rules on July 7th.

UPDATED June 2, 2022 AEST: All images have been updated and should display for all visitors. If you're not able to see the images, please comment below.

UPDATED May 4th, 2022 AEST: Form automation components are now live in Jira Service Management. Click here to read about the new components.



The ProForma automation engine will stop running rules on July 14th, 2022. ProForma customers still using the Marketplace app will still be able to view and delete their existing ProForma automation rules, but those rules will no longer run after this date.

Customers with ProForma automation rules running must rebuild their existing ProForma automation rules using Jira Automation. Existing ProForma customers will be able to rebuild their ProForma automation rules following migration to the new first-party form builder in Jira.

Some Jira instances with ProForma already installed may see the new Automation integration as early as April 11, 2022. Please note: the Form Submitted trigger will not work until your instance has been migrated to the new form builder. Technical contacts will receive an email notifying them of when an instance will be migrated.

ProForma automation rules are created and maintained on the forms settings page. Click below to see a table showing how ProForma automation components can be reimplemented in Jira Automation.


ProForma automation

Jira Automation

Trigger: Form Submitted


trigger form submit PF.png

To recreate this behavior use the Forms submitted trigger.


02 form submitted new.png


The ProForma trigger was also bound to a specific form. When recreating the rule in Jira Automation, users can select the specific form to match this behavior.

Trigger: Status Change


status change old.png

Use the Issue transitioned trigger component and specify the To status.

status change new.png

Condition: Specific request / issue types


specific request old.png

Use the If: Condition and the Issue Fields Condition.

Then select either of the following fields:

  • Issue Type; or

  • Request Type

status change new 01.png

status change new 02.png

status change new 03.png

Condition: All forms submitted


all forms submitted old.png

all forms submitted new 01.png

all forms submitted new 02.png

Condition: From specific status


form specific status old.png

Use the Issue Field Condition component.


form specific status new.png

Condition: Previous Status


previous status old.png

Use the Issue transitioned trigger component and specify the From Status.

previous status new.png

Action: Change status


change status old.png

Use the Transition issue component.

change status new.png

Action: Add form


add form old.png

Use the Attach Forms action component and specify the form to attach.

Set the form Visibility to Internal or External (For Jira Service Management only) and use the checkbox to allow the form to be added to an issue more than once.

Multiple different forms can be attached with one action. To attach multiple copies of the same form, users must add the action multiple times.

add form new.png

ProForma and Legacy automation rules being retired

The following ProForma automation rule and legacy Jira Service Management Automation Action are not available in the new first party form builder.


ProForma automation

What is changing?

PL proforma automation .png

ProForma Automation 02.png

The Prevent the status change rule is being retired.

This workflow validator is not available in the first-party Jira form builder.

For more information on the related workflow validator, please see the Workflow validators section below.

To replace this ProForma automation rule, use this workaround:

Jira Automation does not prevent transitions. Users may use the If: Form Attached component in Jira Automation to check if a form is present and/or submitted/locked. If the form is not present and/or submitted/locked, users can choose the status can be changed back to another status.


Legacy JSM Automation Action


PL legacy .png

The legacy Jira Service Management automation action Add a ProForma form will stop working immediately after customers are migrated to the new native forms solution.

This feature was not ported to the new native forms solution because legacy Jira Service Management automation is being retired and the usage of this feature did not warrant reimplementing for such a short time.


Rebuild the rule using the Attach Form action in Jira Automation.

Workflow validators

Two ProForma workflow validators must be changed to the new native forms validators. To make this change, simply edit your workflow and change the ProForma workflow validator to the Jira forms validator listed below.

The last ProForma validator listed below is being discontinued and will not be replaced.

Please note: The Jira forms validators mentioned below may be available in some instances as early as April 11, 2022. You may begin updating your workflow validators as soon as the Jira forms validators become available in your instance.


ProForma workflow validators

Jira forms validators


WV 01.png

Change to Forms: Forms attached validator

JFV 01.png


WV 02.png

Change to Forms: Forms submitted validator

JFV 02.png


WV 03.png

This validator is being discontinued.

Please see the workaround noted in the Automation - Rules being retired section above.



We regularly update the ProForma FAQ page with information relevant to current ProForma customers.

Please contact support if you have questions about migrating from ProForma to the first-party form builder.



Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Apr 01, 2022

@Peter Preston Though I do not use ProForma add-on, it is great to see that Jira Automation is being enhanced for supporting automation rules related to the new Form builder.

Like Peter Preston likes this

@Peter Preston , thanks for sharing this announcement. It is important as we have deployed ProForma automation, and I still haven't received any updates for the upcoming migrations as a technical contact.

Can you please check your original post? For some reason screenshots (illustrations) do not appear.


Like Peter Preston likes this

Thanks for your note @Kalin U 

You're likely aware that on Monday, April 4th, approximately 400 Atlassian Cloud customers experienced a full outage across their Atlassian products. Hundreds of engineers and support staff mobilized to restore affected sites. Forms migration has been pushed back because of this. 

You should hear from us soon about when we'll migrate your forms. 

Re: screenshots

Hmm. Which post isn't showing the screenshots? This one? I've checked several community posts and they're all loading images for me, but they may be cached. 

Yes, I understand that priorities must have shifted after the major outage, and this is expected. I hope the teams improve deployment processes and contingency operations.

Re: screenshots

It appears that the screenshots load for certain users who have access to the Atlassian Partner restricted content - Public - Atlassian Partner Portal. This is how I see them after having my cache cleared:

Screenshots not visible.jpg

Like Peter Preston likes this

@Kalin U the screenshots are doing the same for me now. I'll update these. Thanks for the heads up!

Like Kalin U likes this

@Peter Preston 

Will form automation and workflow forms validators become available for non-Proforma users as well as part of Jira automation and Jira workflow ? If so is there any time frame when this will be available? I hope so that will be really exciting!

@Peter Preston Sorry I'm not a proforma user. is there any way I can request early access to form automation?

Hi @Han Kong and @Marije 

Form automation components will be available to all form users, not limited to ProForma customers. I can't say exactly when these form automation components will be available, but keep an eye on Automation -- the new components are coming out very soon.

Like Marije likes this

@Peter Preston 

Is there any update for Form Automation?

I've just seen form automation in automation. And it is already in use.

Like Peter Preston likes this

Is anyone else not seeing the images?

Like Kalin U likes this

Hi all 👋 -- Form automation components are rolling out now. Keep an eye on your Automation settings and look for form triggers, conditions, and actions. I'll share a video intro soon.

@Josh Costella The images show up for me and for a few teammates who confirmed they see them. Here's a screenshot of the entire page so you can see the images. 


Like Kalin U likes this

@Peter Preston  When the rollout if finished will we be able to base condition on specific form fields?

Like Peter Preston likes this

@Michael Carvajal if you link your form field to a Jira field, you can use the Field value changed trigger. 

@Peter Preston Will it be possible to set the state of a form to submitted using the issue transitioned component? 

@Peter Preston 

Will we ever be able to use the Issue Fields Condition to trigger automation off forms? I created a form and linked the form fields to a custom field and it did not work.

Hi @Marije - it's not currently possible. I'd like to learn more about how you would use that. Care to share more details on your use case?

@Michael Carvajal perhaps contact support 

They're better equipped to help troubleshoot. 

Like Michael Carvajal likes this

Hi @Peter Preston we have forms that stay open so that users still can edit the request in the portal. But once the issue transitions to "fixing" the form should have the state "submitted" so it can no longer be edited by the user in the portal. It would be nice if we can either trigger an automation rule or add a workflow post function.

Like # people like this

Thanks for sharing @Marije . I shared this with the product team. I can see how this would be helpful. 

This is not available right now. It's great feedback for the team. Thanks again for raising it.

Hi @Peter Preston , waiting in anticipation for our migration to the native JSM version.

To start changing over to using the new automation actions that have been showing up in our instance, with some of our existing ProForma workflows that use legacy automation.

Just curious, because of the delays of migration completion due to the April site outage (we were one of the sites impacted) ... I assume the June 5th date is pushed well back now?

Can you confirm what is the new date for legacy ProForma automation rules being deprecated?

Many thanks! 

Dear @Peter Preston

thanks for the overview - this is great having all automations within one toolbox. 
Can you tell by when Forms will be available in Jira Software or Work Management Projects? 


Like Peter Preston likes this

Hi @Peter Preston


Similarly to the a comment made above, we also came across a use case that requires Jira Automation to change the form state (e.g., Reopen a form). Hence I want to also second on adding Action: Change From State to Jira Automation.


Our use case is,

  • when the approver declined a request,
  • then change the issue status and also reopen the form (i.e., change the form state) so that the requester can amend the information and re-submit.


I tried to mimic this with the "Action: Copy Form" but it is impossible to change the form state through copying. If we copy the form, we ended up with two submitted forms.




Like Kalin U likes this

Hello! I am trying to build some Jira Automation rules for Forms, but I am missing the Forms submitted trigger as seen in the first step.


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