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Howdy all!

My team just inherited Jira/Confluence ownership for our organization.  

Erica_Moss Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

Welcome, @Dave.Young! 😄

Welcome to the community,  Dave! Hope you will find answers / help and have some fun of course ;)

Hi All,

My name is Blake and I am managing our JIRA administration in Moncton, NB. I am still learning its power and looking to dive into it for a QMS system.

Hi to the community, 

I've been here for some time and I also wanted to make a post showing my desk - so here we are. As you may see I like it really more dark maybe than other people.... Most of my colleagues think I'm a 'Kellerkind' (child of the dark) with an addiction to coffee....  (I'm a really happy person - believe me - just hate when it's to bright in the office)

You can find on my desk:

  • a cup of coffee (doesn't matter if it's hot or cold)
  • water bottle (trying to force myself drink more and regularly)
  • a postcard we used for getting feedback to Wiki project from production people.
  • A small button with Che Guevara on it (funny joke according a colleague who googled 'Tschikki Vara' cause he didn't know who it is <- even worse: Google got the right pics...)
  • something to eat (this time some watermelon - normally empty packagings of chocolat)
  • my external screen on some press boards form research department (look how simple they are and their purpose)
  • a bunch of pens (I'm like a magpie according pens - not that I would use them but I like collecting them sounds creepy)
  • and of course my headset for my one-woman-helpdesk for Wiki 


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Hi @Fabienne_Gerhard,
welcome to the community! I laughed because of the pen magpie :D

Hi @Patrice David Förster :D

you have some pens for exchange? ;) I've got some really cool ones with neon colours.

If I'd have some I'd gladly give them to you since most of my writings are electronically (Confluence pages, Jira issues and emails). I have to be careful not to forget how to handwrite :D

Thomas_Schlegel Community Leader Jul 18, 2018

@Fabienne_Gerhard - You have to visit some developer conferences, e.g. JAX in Mainz. You can carry home hundreds of pens from there...

@Thomas_Schlegelsadly I'm not a developer and I fear my boss won't give me a GO for that ... got one Atlassian pen from Atlassian Roadtrip in Munich last year :) (which everyone tries to steal from me)

@Patrice David FörsterI can send you a package of pens from our marketing department for training - everyone uses pens in this company - except me, but I'm the magpie (the more I think about that the more stupid and creepy that sounds)

Erica_Moss Community Manager Jul 18, 2018

Welcome, @Fabienne_Gerhard!

@Erica_Moss thanks for your welcome 

BiancaE Atlassian Team Jul 24, 2018

@Fabienne_Gerhard Welcome! I'm also a child of the dark. Unless it's natural light from a window, I'd very much rather be in a dark or soft light. I mostly just hate overhead and fluorescent lights!

Hi @BiancaE - a warm welcome wave to a child of the dark :)

Hey all,

I'm Max from Munich/Germany working for an Atlassian Partner and have been around some time and just wanted to share my pretty boring desk (at least in the morning when I cleaned it up).  Most of the magic in this office happens on the walls and windows. And I still love to have the welcome package from the community on my desk. But I'll keep the fun stuff for later threads.... ;) My colleague and I are known around here for having fun and being weird, e.g. we put a picture with both our faces on the window of the office saying "employees of the month" and regularly switch the positions of the pictures or add another team mate as well saying "Sorry, it was close - maybe next month". And I can only say - it was a fair vote! :D


Deleted user Jul 20, 2018

hahaha I need this comedy in my office!


I just got "knighted" by my boss: 

"You know, JIRA - customers, issues and such-, take care of it." 

Yeah... This ought to be fun, yes? :)


Monique_vdB Community Manager Jul 23, 2018

@Robert Kowalewski well, you've come to the right place! :) 

This is a great discussion with some good general advice. Or let me know what else I can point you towards! You may also be able to connect with others in your field -- what industry are you in? 

@Monique_vdB Thank you :)

Actually, you can point me somewhere. Though I have a little experience as a JIRA user, I know little to nothing about the entire admin section - set up projects, schemes, portal pages etc. I've read some of the tutorials and such, but a (short?) how-to on setting up a small scale service desk operation would really help me to get started. Getting my JIRA termini technici straight would help, too :)

Thanks again.


Davin_Studer Community Leader Jul 24, 2018

@Robert Kowalewski Found this youtube series helpful for learning the basics of Jira.

Monique_vdB Community Manager Jul 24, 2018

@Boris_Berenberg_-_Atlas_Authority has taken every certification and training known to man (and woman) -- Boris, is there one that might be helpful for Robert? 

Also @Jack is a master of Service Desk and will probably have some pointers as well.

Final suggestion: where are you located? Do you have a local Atlassian User Group you can join? 

Jack Community Leader Jul 24, 2018

Certainly happy to assist for sure. My best advice for learning the basics of administration for any of the apps would be to stand up a trial instance and walk thru the basic getting started guide. For JSD you can find the cloud version here. You can stand up a trial in cloud literally in minutes. Then it is a 'simple' matter of diving in. You will learn more from doing than anything and it will funnel your questions to the surface. Then a quick search in the Community will answer the vast majority of your beginning questions and if not the champions and Atlassian's are there to quickly respond for sure. You should also have in place a 'development' instance where you can try things out w/o worrying about impacting production.

With all that said, keying on your mention of being knighted, if you are in a small company (say <200 users and maybe 25 active projects) then admin demands are generally not too bad. These are just random guidelines here.  However, when you start going beyond that you need to start considering more of a dedicated resource or at least 50% of the individuals time. Something to keep in mind.

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Robert let me start by saying you're in an extremely common situation. You will fail, again, and again, and again. It's ok. Don't let it overwhelm you. We have all been there, and we overcame, and so will you.

Very high-level resources are:

My biggest advice is don't focus on learning how to do XYZ. Your first goal is to learn the vocabulary. It's the same thing as learning a new language. Learn what Atlasssian means when they say "scheme". Then when you run across 10 different scheme types, you will understand whats going on intuitively, even if you don't know how to make the change you want. From there, asking the right questions will be much easier.

And the document I always point everyone at is:

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@Boris_Berenberg_-_Atlas_Authority These tips are fantastic. I have been using JIRA as a user but am now diving in deeper. I will be looking through these.


Thanks a lot for the tips, really appreciate it. 

Locationwise I am sitting currenty in Germany. As far as joining a group: haven't thought about it yet, but it seems like a good idea to join a "self-help grop" ;)

@Boris_Berenberg_-_Atlas_Authority Yep, getting the lingo sorted out is really the first thing on my list, otherwise I'll get nowhere. Also, thanks for the info. The only issue I got is time - which puts some pressure on me.

Also: kudos to the community and the community managers, it's always a pleasure to see such dedicated and helpful peeps - I think this will make a difference in all regards.

For now I'll be ploughing through the basics and see where it'll take me. Thanks again!

Hi, I am Silvia from Sydney Australia. I work for the Australian Securities Exchange, looking after our Testing & QA, Web Development and Enterprise applications teams.

Here is a photo of my desk and it is quite special. I took it last year, after my old boss had left the company and I was given his coveted desk - it is one of the best ones on the floor. I took the photo and sent it to him to tell him I 'had moved in'. :-)


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Erica_Moss Community Manager Aug 03, 2018

@Silvia Ohr Looks like you've settled in nicely! 😆

Hello everyone!! I'm Anton Perera, and I'm a Team Lead at Kalyt Solutions, Sri Lanka. I'm working with my team as a Team Lead (as a Project Manager in some times and as a Product Manager in some times.) I work with my team to develop Solutions for Customers as well as to improve our Software Products. We have Web Based Solutions as our Products and also we develop Custom Solutions for the Business needs too.

I'm a little bit newbie in here Atlassian Community. But I always loved to interact with Communities as I already working with some other communities too and help who needs some help and guide. Hope to have some help when needed with Atlassian Products and also hope give my best in Atlassian Community. :)

I love Sports (specially Badminton, Cricket, Football but love all the sports), Reading Books, Watching TV Series (kind of an addiction of mine :D), Watching Movies (specially Comics and Sci-Fi), Solving Puzzles/Problems, Learning new languages, Studying different cultures, Travel the lists goes on.

The below picture is my desk. My desk is little bit larger than my small needs as you see. But It is very comfortable for hands to have a good space in desk when I work. You may notice the key-tag of the Key of my Motor Bike. :D. I love that and it was given to me by the most special person in my life. :)


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Alana Fernando Community Leader Aug 10, 2018

hi @Anton Perera welcome to the community! and happy to meet another SriLankan here 😊.you will surely find inspiring discussions  and articles here which would help you in your work. 

we should high five for the TV Series addiction and nice key chain by the way. 

Yeah.. of course..

Erica_Moss Community Manager Sep 02, 2018

Welcome, @Anton Perera! I, too, love badminton, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you. 😄

Thanks. Yeah.. of course. Already engaging with community as much as possible. :)

Hey all,

Another Atlassian lover here. Administrating Jira and Confluence around the world from my comfortable desk in Boca Raton, Florida.

Erica_Moss Community Manager Sep 02, 2018 Welcome, welcome!

Hello Everyone,

I am Khaja Kaleem, started to learn on managing content in Confluence now. Looking for some startup course ... and found this community.


Erica_Moss Community Manager Sep 24, 2018

@Khaja Kaleem Welcome, Khaja! We're glad you found us. 😎 Be sure to check out our new Welcome Center, which helps tackle some of our FAQs and some pro tips for navigating this space!

Hi Community,

Been here (and enjoyed) for a while now but apparently forgot to share my desk :).

I'm Jimmy from Albania and I work as a developer in a multi-national Bank.


My current occupation:

Core Banking unit, but throughout different job positions here, since their first implementation, I've always been the guy in charge of Jira and Confluence (thumbs up).


Here's my desk view:


 desk jimmy.jpg

I like to keep multiple monitors.

And of course, that custom Matrix screensaver.



EDIT: Upgraded monitors :)

monitors jimmy 1.jpg

Best Regards

Erica_Moss Community Manager Sep 26, 2018

@Gezim_Shehu__Communardo_ Amazing set-up! Thanks for sharing. 😎


My name is Filip and I'm a project manager at Perpetuum Mobile ICT company from Zagreb. Our team is using Jira tools for collaboration and Agile Scrum approach to projects. So far so good!

I am here to read feedback from the community, as well as ask for help if needed. So far I've read some good advice on the community forums and I hope I will be able to provide some as well!

Hi Guys,

I am Michael from Munich. I was just thinking about the Atlassian Summit and the culture Atlassian has for everyone to introduce themselfes with an unusual fact about itself.

I work at a medical device company and we are currently in the transition to a more agile way of developing, which of course is greatly aided by the Atlassian toolchain. But in my free time I like to play french horn in a symphony orchestra here in Munich and relax with classical music.

Hi @Michael_von_Rhein!

Greetings from Viktualienmarkt to you! ;) And when is the next concert where I could listen to you?

By the way, you still have to tell us what's on your desk! :D


@Max_Foerster__Decadis_AG_ our next concert will be January, 26th in the Herkulessaal München, featuring "Eine Alpensinfonie" by Richard Strauss with the ASO-München.

Whoops, and I definitely forgot about the desk...
Nothing more than the essentials: Picture of my wife, cups of coffee and some merch from the latest Atlassian summit :-D 


Hello to Munich @Michael_von_Rhein love the lego pic!

Hope to see you on the next AUG MUC!!! - Meet @Max_Foerster__Decadis_AG_ on Tuesday

Has been a while, since my last AUG MUC... Unfortunately I was always busy the last meetings, but would love to join the next one.

So let's plan a little community (champion) gathering there :) Maybe even a little lightning talk about latest enhancements would be cool? I guess we can always ask @Erica_Moss or @Monique_vdB for a little help to give this a more official touch.

@Fabienne_Gerhard hope to see you again! :)

@Max_Foerster__Decadis_AG_ - yeah, think that's a great idea - let's give a push for this great community 

-> think I have to work on my champion status :)

Most important part of the talk to appreciate all the work done in the last time -> using labels the best way :D

Erica_Moss Community Manager Oct 26, 2018

Welcome to the party, @Michael_von_Rhein! 🎉

All this desk inspiration!! 😍

FUN_MAN_ANDY Community Leader Dec 10, 2018

Hello Community!

I am Andy - a project manager in the world of Augmented reality - and I am here for several reasons:
1) Get insight into / answers for issues I face when using Atlassian, especially Jira!
2) Get social
3) Quite specific: participate in this blog.
4) Show a pic of my desk!

My desk mainly consists of laptop, keyboard, mouse and 2nd screen (boring) but over in the corner is my collection!

Nerdy calendar colour coded with important events/activities
Pic of the family with added memorabilia plus a face-hack by a colleague when i was on hols
And at TWNKLS | AR we're addicted to Googly eyes... big time! I have a whole collection of cool stuff I collected from colleagues over time and all of it has had googly eyes slapped onto it ! ! ! :oD


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Deleted user Dec 10, 2018


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FUN_MAN_ANDY Community Leader Dec 10, 2018

Thanks @[deleted] !!

Erica_Moss Community Manager Dec 11, 2018

Thanks for sharing, @FUN_MAN_ANDY! We're glad you're here. 😄

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FUN_MAN_ANDY Community Leader Dec 11, 2018

@Erica_Moss: Most welcome! I am glad to be here. The pleasure is all mine!


Hi, I am Markus. On my desk, you can always find a PC, some notebook, a pen, a cup of tea and some sweets. Happy holidays!!!

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FUN_MAN_ANDY Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

Hi @Markus22 ! ! 


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hi @brian welcome// 😃

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Hello.  What's on my desk?

Well, I start with a cup of coffee (reference to Game of Thrones) using a rubber coaster that is a throwback to the days of floppy disks (this one is floppier than the real thing).


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Experiment:  If I reply to my own post, is that considered a post?  I'll find out and let you know.

Answer:  Why, yes, it is!

Monique_vdB Community Manager Jan 29, 2019

@Luke Young 🤣

Hello, all! I'm Patrick, a Confluence administrator and knowledge manager in Boston, MA. What's generally on my desk is my cat, Arthur. IMG_7608.jpg

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My cat regularly sits on my laptop when I'm not looking.  HE has managed to open several 100 tabs on the browser as well as once he managed to make my entire screen display rotate 90 degrees.

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BiancaE Atlassian Team Mar 18, 2019

HI ARTHUR! and hi @Patrick Cleary 👋🏼

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Arthur looks so cute!! 😍

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Hello all,

My name is Yousuf and I just joining d the Atlassian community recently. Just wanted to give a shout out to the Atlassiqn folks!

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Hello World!

On my little desk, there's a lot wires and 3 screens. It's harder to work without them.

Have a nice day :)

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Hi Everyone,
My self Deepak, working as a devops engineer from last 3 years with reputed MNC organisation. From last one year, I am working with atlassian tools as admin.
&nbsp; I have two monitor connected with my notebook on my desk
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Hello. I have paper notes, 2 computers and a glass of water on my desk literally. In terms of work I would like to learn Agile, Jira, Confluence quickly for the purpose of doing devops and automation.

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Hi All,


I'm Marjorie. I stumbled on this article trying to figure out how to work with JIRA's Time tracking features.  I'm glad to realize there is a big community and I'm looking forward to maybe adoption JIRA Service desk in the near future.

Erica_Moss Community Manager Apr 23, 2019

@Marjorie Foutch We're glad you found us! Be sure to check out the Jira collection, as well as some of our more laid-back spaces like Friday Fun and Miscellaneous Monday. 😄 Also, the Welcome Center has a few resources to get you up to speed!


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