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Hi All,

I'm Jenn from the DFW, Texas area.  I started using Jira about 7 years ago and have been slowly adding knowledge of the additional Atlassian products.  I just completed the Atlassian Administrator track and am about to look into certifications.  

I guess it's about time I become active in the community.  :-)  

Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 06, 2018

Welcome @Jenn McClung! If your avatar is your kitty, you owe us a pet pic here. :) 

So glad to have your knowledge and expertise here!

Welcome @Jenn McClung! Congrats on completing the Atlassian Admin track, and PS. Adorable kitten :)

Welcome Jenn! Excited to see you around =^_^=

Hi Everybody,

My name's Jesse Ivy and I work for IEQ Technology in Springfield, Oregon, here in the United States. I'm currently working on a Java API to administer a higher education curriculum to apprentices.

I have a limited edition Josh Keyes autographed print, a box of cuban cigars, a skull, my stainless steel coffee cup, a luke skywalker (return of the jedi) action figure, a Fortune's Folly sticker, A giant teardrop carnelian my ex found in the river, Donald Duck (University of Oregon's Mascot), a photo of my oldest son, tissues, a random Windows 7 CD (I work on a mini mac so yeah, weird), and a little rack of the hemp greeting cards I make on my desk.

I'm an environmental activist with a focus on renewable energy.

Jedi Wear Hemp!



Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 12, 2018

@Jesse Love the variety, Jesse! Welcome. 😎

Welcome Jesse! The Carnelian sounds beautiful, I used to have one that looked like the Grand Canyon condensed into a little rock. 

Thanks! It's a nice carnelian yes, almost the size of my fist. She found it while she was searching for her phone to call me, which she had left in the sun on the hot rocks. Was romantic because it's a teardrop and she was crying at the time.

It has come to my attention that I neglected to mention my desk also has a the fastest Mac Mini in the office on it, in addition to two monitors. And I inadvertently set up my dev environment under the Administrator account, which I sort of like. At my former place of employment I was working for a hardware manufacturer who gave me twice as many monitors but anything past three isn't very useful.

And a tiny galaxy bar from Wales.

Minimal I am not. :)

Hello! My desk has a laptop, 2 monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse.

Hi Jolene! Welcome to the party!



AWESOME REPLY! Minimalist. I dig it. 

I love minimalism! Welcome Jolene 😊

Erica Moss Community Manager Apr 18, 2018

Welcome, @Jolene Hey! 👋🏼

Hi, I'm Courtney! I've built multiple team spaces and knowledge bases in Confluence, both at my previous company as a Community Manager and at my current company as a Knowledge Manager. I <3 Confluence. ;) I've been a lurker in this Community for a while, but this is my first post.

On my desk I have the usual assortment of Pop Funko characters, posters advertising the Knowledge base, an Atlassian Team Tour lanyward, and a variety of greeting cards, photos, and random paper. 

Most common question I get from my users: "Hey, how did you make it do that thing on that page?" (The answer is usually a creative use of a macro, lol.)

I've also started using Trello to help keep me organized, and I am loving it as well. There's something very satisfying about moving a card from the "Doing" column / swim lane to "DONE". :D

Welcome, @Courtney Langdon! I need you to help me polish my skills in Confluence, for sure. Also, I have a soft spot for Trello (I was their dedicated community manager for a year), so let me know if I can help there at all. Be sure to check out for some of the prettiest boards you ever did see. 😎

Thanks, @Erica Moss! I love dishing Confluence, so you can ping me anytime. Thanks for the Trello link; these are awesome. I use mine for tracking my blog posts, too, just like their "Blog Post Ideas". I'd go crazy without it!  (Eeee, I just copied one on Vacation Planning!) :)

Hello from San Diego! A new challenge in a new industry brought me to the gates of Atlassian and I am enjoying it all. I am so not a minimalist and might freak everyone out with how much is on my desk

Hi Erica,

Sounds ominous. Is there a tesseract on your desk? ;)

Welcome Aboard!


Haha no tesseract but do have a #Bosslady dice


WOW! Nice! :) 

Hello everyone!  I'm new to becoming active in this community.  The question is "what's on my desk?"   My laptop, Water bottle and my wireless mouse.  I keep it simple.

Erica Moss Community Manager May 03, 2018

@Eager Learner I like it — welcome, Gabe!

Hello everyone,

I'm Tech Consultant and JIRA Admin in a small-ish software dev company working with NLI (Natural Language Interaction).

I'm on part time maternity leave, therefor I work mostly from home and since summer finally arrived Sweden, this is my desk for today...

Happy JIRA-ing everyone!


Erica Moss Community Manager May 07, 2018

@Maria Sundling Loving the view — welcome, Maria!

NICE! welcome Maria :)

Hi all, I come from an agile team in China. Besides the Atlassian products, we are also experimenting with agile practices offline.



Erica Moss Community Manager May 08, 2018

@Ollie Guan We're glad you're here, Ollie!

Hello All! New to the community...

Erica Moss Community Manager May 10, 2018

Welcome, welcome, @Dario Dorismond!

Hi, I'm Gillian, based in London, UK.  I work for a consultancy firm and we use Confluence and Jira to support collaboration within the firm and also to support project teams.  While I feel very confident in Confluence, I don't have admin rights so there's only so much I can do.  Would love to learn more about Confluence and Jira.  Oh, and Trello too.  That looks ace!!

We hotdesk at work too, so I don't have much on my desk at the moment.  2 napkins, my Bose headphones, my headphone/lightning adapter and my 2 phones.  However, on my Desktop I keep the image of our firm's standard colours and their HTML codes.

I'm looking forward to becoming involved in this community and learning more along the way! :D

Yay Bose headphones! I'm the Bose Jira & Confluence admin.

Erica Moss Community Manager May 10, 2018

Welcome, @Gillian Rourke! If you want to dive into Trello a bit more, I suggest checking out the inspiration page: So much good stuff there!

Greetings from (near) Boston!

My name is Matt and I'm a Senior Producer at Disruptor Beam where we use Jira and Confluence to help us make mobile games.  I've been using Jira and Confluence for about 4 years on a bunch of different game projects, and am currently doing a deep dive into how to leverage Portfolio for Jira here at Disruptor Beam.

Current desk status:IMG_2743.JPG

Erica Moss Community Manager May 22, 2018

Welcome, @Matthew Kelly! Look forward to seeing more of you. 😄

Fellow Boston suburbanite here! You ever come to the Boston AUGs?

Greetings Josh!  I made it out to this Boston AUG last November (and will definitely try to hit up some more in the future):

Hi from Boston.

I have my bag, paper tissues and hot tea (since I have a flue) and my cool colorful calendar. Also, my computer, of course, with Movavi Slideshow running ( Have finals in a few weeks.

Erica Moss Community Manager May 25, 2018

Welcome to the party, @Kate Foster! 🎉

hello, this is my messed up desk ;-) 
Hi!! Fulvio

Erica Moss Community Manager May 25, 2018

@fulvio That's quite the setup! Welcome. 😎


I'm Gary based in Norwich, UK.

I've been a Jira & Confluence admin for over 4 years. Recently became an Atlassian Certified Jira Administrator (ACP-JA).

We've grown our Jira instance from around 200 local users to 11,000 + global users in 4 years. Jira really does sell itself!

I won't bore you with a picture of whats on my desk. it's really nothing out of the ordinary. Although the views are pretty special....


Erica Moss Community Manager May 30, 2018

@Gary Pasquale Definitely laughed out loud — welcome, Gary!

Deleted user May 30, 2018

Hello @Gary Pasquale, which part of Norwich are you from? 

Hi @[deleted], I work in the city centre and live by the football ground (which is still pretty central) 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader May 30, 2018

That's what I call a working place :-) - welcome @Gary Pasquale

Deleted user May 30, 2018

@Gary Pasquale Yes, I know the area well. I lived near Norwich for a time. 

Hi everybody,

I'm Damien Lauberton. I fall in love with Atlassian products 10 years ago. I also use JIRA when I go fishing !


My life runs on Jira: an inventory system for carp fishing



I'm working as an Atlassian expert since almost 4 years, in France but also in Europe.

Hope to see some of you at the Atlassian summit in Barcelona next September.

cheers !

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 01, 2018

We've got a good crew heading to Summit for sure — and we're glad you're here, @Dam - iDalko!

Hello everyone, I'm Lisa in Halifax, Canada and I'm pretty comfortable with Confluence. I've been using Confluence as a user for a few years and about 6 months as an administrators.

My desk is super chaotic. Not messy, but I like lots of little knick-knacks and having lots of colour (and washi tape) around. :)

I guess I should also mention that I am learning a lot about Jira as an administrator right now. (Also very familiar as a user).

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 07, 2018

Color's always a great move — welcome, @Lisa Stren!

Hi All,

I'm a Brazilian/Spanish Release Manager living and working in Barcelona. 

I will not show what's on my desk, as it's all simple stuff. You can easily picture it. 

I can, instead, say what I wish there were: one black cat, a pot of gold with an elf by the side, 0% calorie-0%fat chocolate that taste the same as milk chocolate.

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 20, 2018

Welcome, @Fernanda Moreno!

Hi I'm from Panama this is my desk.MyDesk.jpg

Hi, I'm Patrice from Germany. I work as a system administrator at diva-e Digital Value Excellence GmbH, an IT service provider.

My desk looks rather clean I think :D What's on it? Well, of course the obvious stuff: notebook, keyboard, mouse and extended display and also my headset.

The other things are a picture of me and my wife with my little daughter :) , a kudo card congratulating me to my passed ACP Jira/Confluence Admin, and an NSD powerball. This thing is great to relax your fingers / hands / arms wwhen you type and click all day ;)
This little sheet directly below my display is a Team Playbook Card that want to use with my team in our next review.



In everyday work I'm responsible for our Atlassian apps at work (Jira, Confluence, Crucible) and also consulting my fellow employees regarding usage / best practices.


I am in the community because

  • I have been here before (in Confluence Questions & Answers)
  • lots of good topics are discussed here
  • I can get help/support from other admins/users
  • I want to connect to other users :)
  • I want so share and help if possible


I wish you all a great friday and weekend  :)


Welcome, Patrice!

Hi Patrice, 

Nice monitor! My boss has a huge curved one kinda like that. I need to get a third myself. Or maybe just another machine.

Welcome Aboard!

Kind Regards,


Thanks :)
I can recommend this monitor! It's great to work with and if you want you can split the display by using picture in picture with two input signals. We're all getting these monitors now in our company :D

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 19, 2018

Loving this intro, @P_D_ Foerster! We're glad to have you.

Hi, my name is Steve Presser with BeniComp. We are a company obsessed with health and education, and are doing our best to create tools to help fix the healthcare system. We've been using Atlassian products for years to build and manage our custom software application, and also manage the day-to-day of the business. We primarily work in JIRA and continue to build the team and explore other functions and products under the Atlassian umbrella. I hope to communicate and learn from others in the community.

Erica Moss Community Manager Jun 21, 2018

Welcome, @Steve Presser! We hope to learn from you as well. 😄

Hi Folks,

I'm Everton David, I'm from Brazil and I'm living in Sao Paulo.

I have a portfolio developed in ​​IT since 2002. Bachelor in Information Systems and MBA in Project Management, today I've been working as an Certificated Atlassian Consultant at e-Core, PS: We are hiring (send me a message)


Hey folks, I'm new to the Community although I've been using JIRA a little while. My team relies on JIRA for case management so I'm interested in continuing to strengthen my knowledge of the system to better support them. I don't have any real cute pictures to post now, but I do have a great Beta fish at home! 

Deleted user Jul 09, 2018

Hello All, 

My name is Danny Harris, I'm a Project Coordinator at ZeroLight, a digital agency that creates interactive experiences and content that connect automotive brands to their customers. 

I have been using Jira and Confluence for over 6 years now with no sign of stopping! :D 

I regularly use the Community as a learning platform; learning from interesting questions that are asked of by others, and helping others by answers the question topics I have experience in. 


This is my desk, post-it notes are from the recent retrospective btw. 


Erica Moss Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

We're lucky to have you, @[deleted]!

Here's my desk. Couldn't get the company to spring for a sit/stand desk, so I improvised.

2014-06-12 22.02.23.jpg

Erica Moss Community Manager Jul 09, 2018

@Davin Studer Creativity, FTW. 💪🏽

Yeah, it ended up being the perfect height.


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