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Merging Atlassian accounts?

I've noticed some folks (maybe because they have multiple Atlassian IDs) have more than one profile in Community.

See example Jamie Echlin:

I've also heard Community Champion Susan Hauth mention that she is struggling to juggle accounts.

Is there anything on the roadmap to help these folks maintain just one profile in Community?


I think you need to be quite careful here.

While it's perfectly valid for people to have different accounts and want to merge them, it's just as important for people to be able to have more than one account and keep them separate.

For those who want to merge, I really do hope there's something we can do for them.  But don't mess it up for those who don't!

There's a long conversation we could have about this, but I don't want to bore everyone with lots of if/then/else (unless you ask, of course.  Or take it to private messages)  But to set a scene:

  • Someone gets into Atlassian stuff
  • They get lots of help from the community
  • They start posting help when they can
  • They stay for many years, hopefully being quite helpful
  • They join an Atlassian Solution partner, and hence get another Atlassian ID they could use for the community
  • They carry on being an active member of the community (happily stating that they now work for a partner in the interests of "open company, no bovine fertiliser")
  • They leave the Solution Partner
  • They carry on being active in the community

    Merging might not be appropriate or desirable here, or where it is, there's a need to keep continuity with the community outside the partner stuff.
MattS Rising Star Apr 20, 2017

Yes, it's quite complex :)

I think that everything posted while an employee on company time belongs to the company, so if you leave the company I think that userid stays with the company, inactive so no-one else is posting in your name. Then you sign up as a new user with a new email address and new company or "Personal" in the account name.

I know that trying to change the email address on an account was a major piece of work a few years ago when I joined ServiceRocket!

MattS Rising Star Apr 20, 2017

But that appears to be easier now. Deleting an account at is something that doesn't appear to be supported.

Actually I do have the same issue - having one account with my companies email address and a private one. Being able to connect them would be great. One account has currently all the licenses and the other my certification & other memberships.

I'm wondering if there are any more recent thoughts or decisions on this. I have two separate accounts, because I have a personal Bitbucket account, and a corporate Atlassian account. I posted a question a few months ago that I needed to reference today, and couldn't for the life of me find it. Turns out it was attached to my personal account, when I'm almost always logged in via my corporate account because I'm logged into to manage licenses, etc. 

Is there a way to disconnect my login from the login so I can be logged into both in the same browser, with separate accounts?

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 22, 2017

Thanks for checking in, @Esther Strom. I will get an update for you on what we would recommend.

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 29, 2017

@davidecorcoran has a post coming on this -- we haven't forgotten :) 

@Monique vdB - did I miss the post about this? If so, where can I find it?

Monique vdB Community Manager Feb 28, 2018

@Esther Strom You did not miss it; it's still coming. I'm sorry it's taken so long!

@davidecorcoran and @Erica Moss ^^^

@Monique van den Berg Any update on this? It's been almost a year since you started saying there would be an answer...

Monique vdB Community Manager Aug 08, 2018

@Esther Strom thanks for the reminder, I did get some more information on this! Here's what I've discovered:

  • We can't disconnect community login from SSO ID.
  • We have requested a better way to switch between accounts for those who want to or need to keep maintaining multiple accounts. This is on our roadmap but still working on feasibility and a target date. 
  • There is no way currently to "merge" accounts either, although you can change your email address associated with your community account by changing it in AID, logging all the way out, and logging all the way back in. 

I personally do separate browsers for separate accounts, but I know that's not ideal for everyone!

Let me know if I can expand on any of this for you or if you think a better "switch account" feature would help solve this. 


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