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The Summit Community Badge Challenge is on!

Summit this year has gone remote, but it doesn't mean we can't have a badge challenge! You can earn this badge through the end of April by participating in some or all of the below tasks. 

This year you have to complete at least three of the tasks; if you're a Community Leader, you have to complete at least five

Summit_Challenge_2019_2x copy.png

Tasks will be posted in the Summit collection with the tag summit-badge-challenge-2020 and also listed below. There will be a leaderboard, with special prizes for those who complete the most tasks! 

Keep watching this post, as it will be updated as tasks get added:



Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Mar 29, 2020

It's the moment I've been waiting for!

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Esme Crutchley Community Leader Mar 29, 2020


ready high school GIF

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And the fun begins! 


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challenge accepted!


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Wohoo - how cool is that


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Let's gooooooo!

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Game on!

Game On GIF by memecandy

scott_boisvert Community Leader Mar 30, 2020


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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 30, 2020

Monday leaderboard with everything except Embrace Remote accounted for. If your points are wrong, let me know!

@scott_boisvert - 3

@Assia Touati -3

@Jodi LeBlanc -2

@Jimmy Seddon -1 

@Esme Crutchley -1 

@Kat - 2

@Daniel Ebers -2

@Monique vdB -1 

@Fabienne Gerhard -1  

@Helen Griffiths {Capgemini}  -1 

@Jim Schwilk -1 

@Teodora _Old Street Solutions_ - 1 

@Danny -1 

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Mar 30, 2020

@Monique vdB - I believe I have both participated in summit discussions as well as the Misc. Monday.

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I think think since Kat's post is a "question", it may not be registering as a "discussion". Once I realized I went in and commented on a discussion to complete that bullet :)

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Monique vdB Community Manager Mar 31, 2020

@Jodi LeBlanc yes, that's true! Kat's post was a question and wasn't tagged when I checked. I'll update all of this for today's leaderboard! 

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Tuesday leaderboard! And tomorrow Remote Summit starts for real. Keep an eye out for lots more threads and conversations, and if your score is wrong, as always, let me know. 

(Note Embrace Remote is still not here but it will be!) 

@scott_boisvert - 4

@Assia Touati -3

@Jodi_LeBlanc -3

@Jimmy_Seddon - 2

@Maureen_Pafumi -2 

@Daniel_Ebers -2

@Esme_Crutchley -1 

@Kat_Warner__TechTime_ - 2

@Monique_vdB -1 

@Fabienne_Gerhard -1  

@Helen Griffiths {Capgemini}  -1 

@Jim_Schwilk -1 

@Teodora__Botron_ - 1 

@Danny -1 

@Dharma Ramos - 1

@Hana luiza - 1

@Jousef Waggad - 1

@Dominic Lagger - 1

@Ollie Guan_携程_ - 1 

@Rachel Wright - 1

@Samie Kaufman - Your Gal at Gliffy -1 

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Hello everyone!

Waiting to join the summit! 

Where can I find the Summit time table with topics? (a mail's been sent with the whole agenda, but where do I find each session for questions or comments?)

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks a bundle @scott_boisvert ,

Wonder why I can't access the Swoogo page, (oops - can't find page, check if URL is correct).

I've gotten this message before.

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@Hana luiza Weird, I tried on mobile and it was working fine. Tried on PC and same thing. But I saw that in the URL there are some things you need to delete, try this one again:

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scott_boisvert Community Leader Apr 01, 2020

Yeah... Odd. Posted that from my phone... Does the same thing, use Jousef's link.

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Eager to be on the leader board of the remote summit

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Wednesday leaderboard including #embrace-remote - thank you @Erica Moss for your help compiling this list of lovely people:

The ⭐️means they earned the badge! But remember to keep going as there will be prizes.  Day two is tomorrow and more tasks coming shortly!

@scott_boisvert - 7 ⭐️

@Assia Touati -4 ⭐️

@Jodi_LeBlanc -6 ⭐️

@Jimmy_Seddon - 4

@Maureen_Pafumi -2 

@Daniel_Ebers -3 ⭐️

@Esme_Crutchley -3

@johndpatton -3 ⭐️

@Kat_Warner__TechTime_ - 3

@Ollie_Guan - 3

@Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan -2

@Samie_Kaufman__Gliffy -2

@Andrew Laden -2

@Dominic_Lagger - 2

@Monique_vdB -2

@Dharma Ramos - 2

@Fabienne_Gerhard -2

@Teodora__Botron_ - 2

@Helen Griffiths {Capgemini}  -1 

@Jim_Schwilk -1 

@Danny -1 

@Hana luiza - 1

@Jousef_Waggad - 1

@Rachel_Wright - 1

@summer.hogan -1 

@John Wilson -1 

@Hazwan Ariffin -1 

@Jack Brickey -1 

@Matthias Gaiser _K15t_ -1 

@Ed Gaile _Atlanta_ GA_ -1 

@Rachel Wright -1 

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Jeff Tillett Community Leader Apr 02, 2020

I just completed my sixth one! How do I get the badge?

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Monique vdB Community Manager Apr 02, 2020

@Jeff_Tillett this is a very low-tech contest and I have to update it manually. :)  It will be going through end of April though so don't worry! And you should get your badge this evening!


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