Are you using Data Center? What was your tipping point?

Maggie Roney Atlassian Team Sep 26, 2018

For many of our customers there comes a time in their Atlassian journey when they need more than what a single server or federated environment can provide in terms of availability and performance. As applications grow across an organization they become mission-critical to every team's success. We call this the "tipping point" for moving to an active-active clustered environment that provides high availability and supports performance at scale. If you're using Data Center, what was your tipping point? Share with us below!

Not using Data Center yet but want more information? We created a white paper that outlines:

  • Criteria for considering the move to Data Center
  • What Data Center is and the benefits it provides
  • How to plan, prepare and setup Data Center to best meet your needs
  • How to get the most our of your investment in Data Center through monitoring and scaling
  • Stories from customers who've successfully migrated to Data Center

You can download it here!


Now, let us know what drove your decision to move to Data Center in the comments below! 


Our tipping point was performance. The scalability and option to route traffic across multiple nodes will be of great benefit.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Oct 16, 2018

How many users, projects, issues did you have when you shifted to data center?

@Brant Schroeder - 12k Users, 1.5m Issues and 1700+ Projects. We've seen quite a rapid growth of our single server instance in the last 5 years.

Maggie Roney Atlassian Team Oct 17, 2018

Thanks Gary! It sounds like you are still in the process of moving from Jira Server to Data Center, is that correct? Have you read about or are you interested in any of the other benefits that Jira Software Data Center brings outside of the improved scalability and performance? 

Hi @Maggie Roney,

I would be interested in the other benefits. Scalability and performance are the main ones, but I understand there are some new features in the later versions of Jira that are only available to Data Centre like archiving?

Maggie Roney Atlassian Team Oct 21, 2018

Hi Gary!


Yes, project archiving is a Data Center feature that we recently introduced. You can learn more about it here. A few other examples are:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! 



Hi @Maggie Roney

I'm looking for some technical guidance on the sizing of our nodes for Data Centre. Based on our current Jira instance (Projects, Issues, Users etc) how much CPU, RAM per node is recommended.

I can find documentation relating to this for Server but not for Data Centre.



Maggie Roney Atlassian Team Oct 24, 2018

Hi Gary,


Here is an overview page that links to a couple of resources that might be what you are looking for. Let me know if this helps!






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