Introduce yourself here!

I would love for everyone to introduce themselves, say why you're interested in this group, and (if you're comfortable) name something about you that's unique, unusual, or diverse! 


I'm Monique, the community manager here. I've worked in diverse and not-so-diverse tech companies, and I've been particularly interested in making sure women in tech are represented. One of the first things that made me fall in love with the Atlassian Community was our diverse group of meeples! 

One thing about me that's diverse: I'm plus-sized and a woman, which means I sometimes feel othered by tech T-shirts, which are often "unisex" and end up looking awful on me or simply not fitting. (The last women's T-shirts we got at work were so small I took a "large" one home for my daughter. It fit her. She is 7.)  Last Summit I made sure to order women's and men's shirts in a range of sizes; I still treasure my community woman's V-neck 2X! 

Hi there.

My name is Mark Livingstone and I am your San Diego Atlassian User Group (AUG) Leader.

I've been running this group for over seven years and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of working with other San Diego Atlassian users as well as the 3rd party partners and Atlassian.

My day job is working at Qualcomm where I am responsible for our End User Services which consists of our Global Service Desk, Field Services, Walk up Centers and Printing Services.

I've been a user of the Atlassian tools for almost a decade and managed the SDLC tools here at Qualcomm for many years.

In my spare time, you can often find me volunteering down at the San Diego Zoo (and amazing world of biodiversity) as an interpretive volunteer and also helping run fundraising events.

My name is Kat and as of a couple of hours ago I am an Atlassian Certified Project Administrator.

I ranted on Facebook the other night about this article and have copied my rant below:

I recently went to a Women in Tech breakfast. The idea that programming is like planning a dinner would have fit well with the ideas and stories shared by the speakers in 2018 rather than being a relic of the 1960s.

Three of the 4 software companies I have worked for have been extremely family friendly and the other mostly hired new grads who did not have families yet.

There is no real purpose to this rant, just sharing a frustration that promoting women in IT tends to alienate this woman in IT.

John Paz Atlassian Team Jun 12, 2018

Hey there everyone, I'm John, a Technical Writer with Atlassian. I'm not your average tech-worker by any means, but I'll just drop the highlights:

  • I'm African-American and Cuban
  • I married my high school sweetheart, and we have three kids. 
  • I moved to Australia to work for Atlassian (but came back after 3 years).


This group interests me for a lot of reasons, but mostly just to demonstrate the diversity of Atlassian's users (and employees). 

Alana Fernando Community Champion Jun 12, 2018

Hi All,

I am Alana, a quality assurance analyst works for MillenniumIT SriLanka. I am the only woman in IT 😃 in our team. I am here as I love respecting and appreciating differences.

One thing diverse! about me is most similar and opposite to Mo @Monique van den Berg I am a XS. 

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Wednesday

I'm Thomas, System Administrator at HanseMerkur, a medium-sized insurance company in Germany. 

Although I studied computer science and now work in an IT department, I would not describe myself as a typical computer nerd. I'm more interested in design (I wanted to study graphic design before I studied  computer science), social software and social issues than most of my IT-colleagues. Maybe that's why I love the administration of Confluence so much. Here I can work much more creatively, the design of our insurance's Confluence is highly influenced by me. I design dashboards, logos, icons etc. Most of our software developers are not interested in this kind of work.

What makes me also different from most of my IT colleagues is, that I'm gay. I got the feeling, that there are even more women in tech than gay men. As far as I know, I'm the only one in our IT-department. I live very open, everybody's knowing about me and I'm happy that I live in a country and work for a company where I don't have to hide myself.

John Paz Atlassian Team Wednesday

Welcome Thomas! 

Scott Theus Community Champion Thursday

Hi All,

I'm a project manager at Parker Hannifin, working on IoT projects. I don't know if its my short attention span or a driving interest to learn new things, but over the years I've found that PM work makes me happy.

And, speaking of short attention spans...here is a list of active hobbies:

  • Wood Working..from turning pens to building kayaks. (My Esty shop is in the works; I need a good name.)
  • Kayaking (duh.)
  • Photography
  • Stamp Collecting (a great winter hobby, my collection of mint United Nations stamp from the first issue through 2009 is my showcase)
  • Animal Shelter Volunteer (cats, mostly)
  • SciFi/Fantasy nerd
  • Cleveland sports fan
  • There's probably a couple more.  

In my spare time I enjoy being part of this community and I'm kicking off an AUG in CLE next week.

John Paz Atlassian Team Monday

Thanks for sharing! 

Linette Voller Atlassian Team Sunday

Hi everyone,

I'm Linette, an information experience writer at Atlassian. In my past tech roles I've definitely been in the minority as a woman in IT (be that in support roles or training industry certifications). In regards to other diversity related things, I'm bisexual, and originally from England and living in Australia.

I'm interested in this group as I fundamentally believe that our diversity makes us stronger and wiser, as long as we share our knowledge and experience!


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