D&I Magnify Mondays #2

Ellie Day Atlassian Team Jun 18, 2018

Hey all! Welcome to “D&I Magnify Mondays #2” where the goal is to have us all share a single D&I topic, organization, or initiative that you feel is worth magnifying and sharing with the community.

Please share both the what, the why, *and* an action item that you think we could do to help bring a cause forward.


My submission for the week is: Techtonica, (https://techtonica.org/) a non profit that's currently running it's first tech apprenticeship program for low income women. I've volunteered numerous times with them in the last few months and it's a great organization!

My action item would be to volunteer for them if you're in the bay area and have some extra volunteer time you're looking to use :) 

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@Ellie Day this seems fantastic! What do their volunteers do? I'm interested!


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