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Virtual ACE recap: Power-Ups and automation with Trello

Erica Moss
Rising Star
Rising Star
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September 18, 2020

Here are some highlights from Levin Mejia's (senior product designer at Trello) presentation on Power-Ups and automation in Trello!

  • We’re highlighting Templates! They’re set in categories, which helps you search (business, design, marketing, remote work, etc.)
  • If you have a cool one to share, be sure to upload it as a Template
  • If you click through on a Template, you can see who made it, its purpose, a live preview, and what Power-Ups are on it
  • Click “Use Template” and now you have a copy of it to use, invite members to, etc.
  • Make Trello your own by choosing a background
  • Moving on to Card Templates: Makes a card reusable instead of recreating it every single time; you can add checklists, due dates, labels
  • Our developer community creates awesome Power-Ups
  • Custom Fields lets you add additional info on the card back: budget, kick-off date, etc.
  • Calendar is also popular; you can drag and drop dates in the Calendar view
  • Card Repeater is also used a lot; ideal for things you have to do on a daily or weekly basis
  • Select when you want it to repeat and at what time
  • Hard to show the value without having a time machine :)
  • Another thing on Power-Ups, you can add other tools you’re already using: Figma as a designer, Dropbox
  • With Dropbox, you can attach your files and get a rich preview on the card back; you can click and get a real preview (download, etc.)
  • List Limits: You can set the amount of cards you want to have in a list; creates a visual cue if you surpass that number
  • We have all of the Atlassian tools as Power-Ups as well
  • Power-Ups are limited to one or three per board; with Business Class, you can have unlimited
  • With Dropbox, we made it a bonus Power-Up, so it doesn’t count toward your Power-Up limit
  • Next up: Butler! Saves us time in doing repetitive tasks or stuff we might forget to do
  • Butler runs with “rules”
  • Maybe we want every card that hits the “Done” list to get a green label
  • Open up Butler, click on Rules, add a Trigger (card move, card changes, dates, checklists, card content, fields)
  • Now add an Action (move, add/remove, dates, checklists, members, etc.)
  • Click save
  • Can multiple rules be added to one Trigger? Yes!
  • You can designate the order of the actions as well
  • Next up: Board Buttons
  • Clean Up can be a great way to archive cards in batches based on rules
  • Next up: Advanced Checklists
  • Set due dates for checklist items, assign members to items
  • Just for fun: if you add certain emojis to your Done list title, it triggers confetti; full list of emojis here: https://blog.trello.com/gigantic-list-trello-tips
  • To check out a more detailed automations demo, check out this webinar: https://info.trello.com/webinar/trello-automation-with-butler


  • Is there a limit to the number of cards or lists per board before it lags? Levin: A lot of lists and a lot of cards; certain things will slow it down faster, like gifs
  • One last thing: new feature called Card Covers, which lets you add unique card covers to the card (colors, upload an image, or use Unsplash images)
  • One more question: Do Power-Ups show on the mobile version? Levin: Some are available, but not all (8-10 are available on mobile)



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