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Login screen appears repeatedly . why?

ss January 19, 2021


I just upgraded my crowd instance from 3.x to 4.2.2

After upgrading, I am not able to login into it with my admin id. whenever I give the password, it gives error "incorrect username and password" and login screens keep reappearing...

my password is absolutely correct. nevertheless, I even reset the password by following the reset password instructions. And changed it to admin.

but nothing works. 

what wrong am i doing or have done?..this is driving me crazy. 

please help anyone.




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Foo Guan Sim - ServiceRocket February 5, 2021

Hey there, 

There is a high chance this is due to the wrong crowd.server.url or application credentials in CrowdHome/ The Crowd Home is the directory pointed by the crowd.home property in CrowdInstallation/crowd-webapp/WEB-INF/classes/ . How was the upgrade performed? Usually a slight change in how you access Crowd post-upgrade will cause this. 


ss February 7, 2021

Hi @Foo Guan Sim - ServiceRocket ,

I was able to solve the issue. The problem was that the database server link was changed and hence it was not able to connect to it. Unfortunately, crowd did not give any meaningful error message. 

after updating the db link. it started working.


Foo Guan Sim - ServiceRocket February 8, 2021

Nice, I'm surprised Crowd still boots up with a login screen despite the database connection issue. But glad you managed to sort it!



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ss January 20, 2021

I am using postgresql. if that information can help anyone to help me...

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ss January 19, 2021

any help will be appreciated.

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