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Sync Limited Content in Pages across spaces

Prakash NNVS December 19, 2023

There is a documentation on a tool/product. This has all the data in the internal team point of view. Assume the format of the doc with a few paras, and a table with 7 columns. In this, I have three columns data which is internal. And 4 columns can be viewed by public (outside my organisation). 

I have another public space where all the pages are made accessible to public using `Refined`. 

My major requirements is, I don't want to maintain more than one copies/versions of the document. Also, the entire page should NOT be visible to public. Additionally, I should not have the edit access to the public space [the process should happen automatically without me manually editing by taking the access to that space (if possible)].

Is there any way I maintain the page in my space and to sync the certain paragraphs and certain columns in the table to public space so that, it can be accessible to public??

As I was searching, I came across a few plugins/extensions where entire page can be synced seamlessly between spaces. I have also tried table-excerpt and table-excerpt-include macros. But, this has two drawbacks. Each page needs to be configured in the public space individually as an initial setup. And, `Refined` is not showing the output of table-excerpt-include. 

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