I can't see boarder in view mode Edited

I used confluence v6.1.1

When I create blog page in blog type space, I can't see table border. (right side, below side)

View mode I can't see.

But edit view I can see.

How I can sovle?



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Hello ChungKyu,

Can you let us know what browsers and versions of those browsers that you're able to replicate this? Does it occur on all pages?


Thank you!

Kind Regards,

IE, IE Edge, Chmore have problem.

FF, Safari is OK.

Not all Page.

Just Blog type Space -> "Blog page"


Can you please let me know the version of IE and Chrome that has the issue?

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

- Chrome : Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)d
- IE : 11.540.15063.0
- FF : 54.0 (32bit)


Thank you!

Can you do me a favor and view the source of that page, and copy/paste the text which displays the table? I'd like to have a look at that.

Include any div that is wrapping around the table.

Kind Regards,

<ac:layout><ac:layout-section ac:type="single"><ac:layout-cell>
<p>안녕하세요 HR지원팀에서 독감(인플루엔자)예방접종 안내드립니다.</p>
<p><br /></p>
<p align="left">질병의 사전 예방과 건강관리에 도움이 되도록,&nbsp;&nbsp;독감 예방접종을 아래와 같이 실시합니다.</p>
<p align="left">건강한 겨울을 나기 위해서 바쁘시더라도 꼭&nbsp;접종 받으시기 바랍니다<ac:emoticon ac:name="smile" /></p>
<p align="left"><br /></p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;1. 지원대상 : 전 구성원(정규/계약/파견)</strong></p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - 구성원 가족도 SK임직원가격으로 접종 가능하나 현장에서 개별 수납(본인 확인을 위해 구성원, 가족 모두 반드시 신분증 필요)</p>
<table class="fixed-table wrapped"><colgroup><col style="width: 138.0px;" /><col style="width: 138.0px;" /><col style="width: 139.0px;" /><col style="width: 211.0px;" /></colgroup>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">구분</th>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">제품명</th>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">접종수가</th>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">비고</th></tr>
<td style="text-align: center;">인플루엔자</td>
<td style="text-align: center;">스카이셀플루4가</td>
<td style="text-align: center;">23,000원</td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: rgb(0,0,255);">구성원 무료</span> / 가족 개별수납</td></tr>
<td style="text-align: center;">Tdap<span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);">(선택사항)</span></td>
<td style="text-align: center;">부스트릭스</td>
<td style="text-align: center;">32,000원</td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);">구성원, 가족 모두 개별수납</span></td></tr>
<td style="text-align: center;">일본뇌염<span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);">(선택사항)</span></td>
<td style="text-align: center;">이모젭</td>
<td style="text-align: center;">50,000원</td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);">구성원, 가족 모두 개별수납</span></td></tr></tbody></table>
<p><br /></p>
<p align="left"><strong>&nbsp; 2. 접종백신 :</strong>&nbsp;<ac:link><ri:attachment ri:filename="스카이셀플루4가(백신).pdf" /></ac:link>&nbsp;(국내 유일의 세포배양인플루엔자 백신으로 계란, 항생제, 보존제를 사용하지 않았다고 합니다..<ac:emoticon ac:name="smile" />)</p>
<p align="left"><br /></p>
<p align="left"><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;3. 접종방법 :&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(255,0,0);"><u><em>SK케미칼에서 진행하던 사내방문 접종방식이&nbsp;<em>전화</em> 및 인터넷을 통한 사전예약 후 지정 의료기관 내원하여&nbsp;접종하는 방식으로&nbsp;변경되었습니다.</em></u></span></strong></p>
<p align="left">&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;가. 예약방법 안내</strong></p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; - 전화예약 :&nbsp;SK그룹&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);"><span>콜센터&nbsp;1566-7775 (내선 2번)</span></span></p>
<p align="left"><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);"><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; -&nbsp;<span>인터넷 :&nbsp;<a href="http://skone.onlinemed.co.kr/">http://skone.onlinemed.co.kr</a>&nbsp;(ID : 사번 / PW :&nbsp;생년월일 앞&nbsp;6자리)</span></span></span></p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;* &nbsp;첨부 :&nbsp;<ac:link><ri:attachment ri:filename="인터넷 예약 매뉴얼.pdf" /></ac:link>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>나</strong>.<strong>&nbsp;접종장소 :</strong>&nbsp;<ac:link><ri:attachment ri:filename="SK그룹_협력병원 리스트.xlsx" /></ac:link>&nbsp;(지역, 접종가능연령, 접종시간 안내)</p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;-&nbsp;토요일의 경우 접종일정이 없는 의료기관이 있으며, 주말 접종 시에는 혼잡할 수 있으므로 평일 오후시간을 권장</p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;다</strong>.&nbsp;<strong>접종일정</strong>&nbsp;: 1차, 2차 구분하여 진행</p>
<table class="fixed-table wrapped"><colgroup><col style="width: 99.0px;" /><col style="width: 252.0px;" /><col style="width: 274.0px;" /></colgroup>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">구분</th>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">예약기간</th>
<th class="highlight-blue" data-highlight-colour="blue" style="text-align: center;">접종기간</th></tr>
<td style="text-align: center;">1차</td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span>9/4(</span><span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">월) ~ 9/22(</span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">금</span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">)&nbsp; /&nbsp; 3주</span></span></td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span>&nbsp;9/25(월) ~ 11/11(토)&nbsp; /&nbsp; 7주&nbsp;</span></td></tr>
<td style="text-align: center;">2차</td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span>10/10(화</span><span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">) ~ 10/17(화</span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">)&nbsp; /&nbsp; 1주</span></span></td>
<td style="text-align: center;"><span>10/23(화</span><span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">) ~ 11/11(토)&nbsp; /&nbsp;</span><span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);"> 3주</span></span><span>&nbsp;</span></td></tr></tbody></table>
<p><br /></p>
<p><strong>&nbsp;4. 유의사항</strong></p>
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-</strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong>당일 고열을 동반한 심한 감기를 앓고 있는 경우, 예전 접종 시 과민반응이 있었던 경우 접종을 삼가하시기 바랍니다.</p>
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;</strong>접종 전일에는 금주하여 주시기 바랍니다.</p>
<p><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;</strong>접종 후 심한 운동은 자제하고 충분한 휴식을 취하시기 바랍니다.&nbsp;</p>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - 백신 접종 부위의 발적과 통증, 발열, 무력감, 근육통, 두통 등의 증상이 나타날 수 있으나 이와 같은 증상은 1~2일 후 사라집니다.</p>
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -&nbsp;사전 준비되었다가 접종되지 못한 백신은 전량 폐기되어 SK그룹의 비용부담이 된다고 하니 예약 후 꼭 접종 받으시기 바랍니다.</p>
<p><br /></p>
<p align="left"><strong>&nbsp;5. 문의사항</strong>&nbsp;: 접종백신이나 예약 관련하여 궁금한 점은 SK그룹&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(0,0,0);">콜센터&nbsp;1566-7775</span>로 문의 바랍니다.</p>
<p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;기타 궁금한 사항은 언제든 HR지원팀 박지민M에게 연락 주시기 바랍니다.</p>
<p align="left"><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;</p></ac:layout-cell></ac:layout-section><ac:layout-section ac:type="single"><ac:layout-cell>
<p><br /></p></ac:layout-cell></ac:layout-section></ac:layout>

Thank you!

It appears you included the entire contents of your page so if any of the content was private you may want to edit your response.

However, I tried this in the Source Editor in my Confluence 6.1.1 but I am not able to replicate the issue in Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100, in the page type Blog Post.

Here's my recommendation:

  1. Upgrade Chrome to the latest version to ensure there are no issues there.
  2. Try replicating the issue in Chrome with all add-ons disabled, and again in Incognito Mode.
  3. Install Confluence Source Editor.
    1. When you edit the page, you'll see an icon that looks like this: <> Click it.
    2. Select the entire contents of the source and cut it (ctrl+x). Then paste it in again. 

Let me know if you have any trouble.

Kind Regards,

I fixed like below.

Administrator -> Global Stylesheet -> Edit(Add)


/*Fix table cell around view*/
table, th, td
border: 2px solid gray;


Thank you for letting us know how you were able to fix it! It will help users in the future if they have a similar issue.

Take care and Kind Regards,

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