How to stop Confluence from glomming text right onto the top of a table

Patrick O_Connell August 23, 2021

Good day.

Surely someone has had this same experience. You deliberately leave a blank paragraph, formatted as just Para or any kind of heading, between some text and the top of the table. You want that breathing room, in the rendered page.

And Confluence completely ignores that:


It seems as though this doesn't happen 100% of the time. I'm not sure of the precise conditions that cause it to happen.

So. My fix is: Instead of putting a blank paragraph between the text and top of the table, put a blank line with some white text on it:


As fellow Canadian Jerry O'Connell once said in a TV ad of some kind, "Et, viola!"


Pat O'Connell
Technical Writer
MindGeek Montreal


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Andy Folland August 27, 2021

Hello Pat,

As a fellow thunder-nerd when it comes to issues like this, I have also had occasion to get the bonnet up when this happens.

Forgive the lack of proper techie jargon here, but what happens when your inserted paragraph does not render properly is that Confluence occasionally decides to insert a magic paragraph for you that kind of breaks up chunks of stuff that would otherwise be stuck together in the editor (e.g. 2 tables that butt up against each other).

But said magic paragraph has been configured in some way that means it does not render in View mode.

So if you examine the html that it's written, you see this:

<p class="auto-cursor-target">

If you can just strip out the "auto-cursor-target" bit, it wil then behave as a "normal" paragraph.

It's quite annoying that you can't sort this out via the editor, and have to resort to tweaking the html (BTW for me, that is achievable by virtue of a "source editor" add-on).

Hope that helps (a bit).



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