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How are you enjoying Confluence 5.9?

Giles B Atlassian Team Nov 23, 2015

We think there are some pretty cool changes to help you streamline your workflow in Confluence 5.9, and we'd love to know what you think.

Share away!

Some highlights in this release:

  • A brand new dashboard, which makes it easier to find and resume your work
  • CQL filters in Confluence search – specially exciting is the option to search in multiple specific spaces, and filter for labels
  • One-click create for blank pages
  • A better way to restrict pages
  • A better on-boarding experience, including the ability to watch spaces
  • Easier page and post favouriting
  • Performance improvements – Confluence 5.9 is 25% faster than 5.7 (we have some other cool numbers in the release notes)
  • JIRA Service Desk customers can now access your Confluence knowledge base space, without a Confluence license
  • More control over page excerpts – simple or rich content
  • Confluence Data Center improvements

Read the full release notes or download Confluence 5.9 now.

11 answers

3 votes
Deleted user Nov 24, 2015

This is great - old dashboard was old! But I just wonder where the little event preview has stayed?

Great point -- The dashboard was THE key place for my team to see Team Calendars.

Deleted user Nov 24, 2015

Its on the right side on the customized part of the dashboard as we just figured out.

Thank you :)

Giles B Atlassian Team Nov 24, 2015

Hey Lars, Glad to see you like the look of the new new dashboard. ;) If you're referring to the Team Calendars event preview, it's still there but over on the right side below the welcome message.

Deleted user Nov 24, 2015

Yeah @Giles Brunning, thank you! At the moment the link is a little bit crushed but in general its all fine, thanks a lot for you effort!

Great release. Unfortunately it breaks the Confluence source code editor, which is critical in most non-trivial Confluence installations.

The source editor is an unsupported add-on, but I'm hoping that we'll see an update to make it compatible with Confluence 5.9 soon (can't promise though)

2 votes

PS: I love the new dashboard.

I have a fresh instance of 5.9.1 where I've configured a Postgres database, a few example pages and SSL over Nginx. When I restart, it writes logs for 2 minutes* then hangs for 10 minutes, then works great**. Any idea?

* It displays the list of plugins as if it were about to serve contents, but then it displays a dozen exceptions: "PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target", then hangs for 10 minutes.

** It first writes "[com.atlassian.confluence.lifecycle] init Confluence is ready to serve", then the UI is reactive.

Am I alone in this situation?


I still miss the possibility of creating of same-name pages within a space CONF-2524. THAT would be worth an applauding. 

I cannot find any use case to have same-anme pages eg. "Overview" in a single space, as quick search would return a list of hits & one has to check all hits to which is the relevant "Overview". As annoying as it is to think of a proper non-duplicate page name, it's worth to have non-duplicate names in the long run. I strongly object making duplicate page names possible, but making this feature configurable (maybe on space level) might be an option.

Sorry, some typos...

I would love duplicate page names. We could like following structure in our wiki-spaces: Client-Name (name of the space) * Internet ** test ** development ** accept ** production * Intranet ** test ** development ** accept ** production Currently we have to pick different names since we can't use 'test' etc. more than once. The alternative is separate wiki spaces for the different projects we do for the same client, but we already have 367 wikispaces and would prefer to not have this balloon to 500+

What quick search result would you expect if someone searches for "accept"?

Simple answer... --- accept Sample Space -> Internet accept Sample Space -> Intranet --- Same layout with breadcrumb addition (not only space name)

Yes, I agree with Lars. The old dashboard was confusing and time-consuming. Time was wasted searching for content and not enough time for productivity. I bet the team will see more efficient work product in less time.

We installed 5.9.2, and I see following issues:

  • in IE10, when creating a new page, the Save button only displays after pressing Enter in the page content
  • on the new dashboard, in IE10, I need to click twice on the options on the left (Recently worked on, Recently visited, ...)
  • the shortcut b to create a blog post is no longer working

How do I get the "Birthdays this week" section in the dashboard sidebar as seen on the screenshot at Is there documentation on how to config that part?

Giles B Atlassian Team Dec 17, 2015

Hi Flaimo, All of the info on customising the dashboard is in and As far as that particular shot, I'm sure it's just something that's manually added to the welcome message.

Maybe you should point out that the "edit in place" does not work with the documentation theme... Same with the "scroll dependant toolbar".

Giles B Atlassian Team Nov 29, 2015

Hey Seb, Thanks for bringing this up. I've added a note to the release notes for clarity. As we've officially deprecated the documentation theme, there will, unfortunately, be more features that don't work with it. We're putting our energies into making the default theme the best experience we can.

Just upgraded an instance from 5.7 to 5.9.1 and it looks awesome! No issues with the new dashboard here.

The only issue I have is that when I click the "create from template" button an empty window appears with a spinner icon. I can wait a long time but no content is displayed and no errors are logged.

Giles B Atlassian Team Nov 25, 2015

Hey Dennis, Glad you like the new dash. Regarding the create from template issue, I'd suggest contacting support so they can look into it for you.

0 votes

Same issue here. Upgraded from 5.8.17.  Reset as described in manual. Also deactivated ALL non-confluence addons. Still no sidebar on the dashboard...

HI Jan-Peter, best to raise this one directly with support so they can help you troubleshoot the problem. Hopefully you're up and running with the new dashboard in no time.

I cannot see the new dashboard. Already tryed the solution described in "Not seeing the new dashboard?".

Any suggestion? 

Hi Alessandro, I'd suggest raising this one directly with support. They'll help you troubleshoot and check for things like customised global layouts etc that might be preventing the new dashboard from appearing for you.

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