Confluence user with view only access to a space

What I want : Get a bunch of users with view only access to a space.

What I have done :  I have created a group with all the users added to that group. The group within the access config has access to only 1 space.

This works great as the users in that group can see only that space. However, the users are also able to see all the updates of pages from other spaces.


What needs to be done to fix this? i.e the uers should not be able to see updates from other spaces. 




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Could you explain what you mean by "able to see all the updates of pages from other spaces"?

Do you mean they have access to other spaces?

No, they don't have access to any other space.  However, the updates done by users on the other spaces is visible under the "Activity" view "All Updates"

If I click on any of those links it says I don't have access to those pages (Which is correct)



Ah, I see.  You need to disable the activity feed to supress them.  I'm not sure that can be done on a group basis, I think you can only turn the whole thing off

Interesting. I am surprised that this is something that cannot be controled by groups.

Thanks for your response though.

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