Confluence Automation -- How do I find ALL TASKS DUE within a set number of days

Mark B Wager March 20, 2024

Hello all

In Confluence Automation, I'm trying to take action on any "TASKS" (aka Action Items) DUE within the next 21 days. I'm using a "Task Branch" to trigger and send emails.

When I use "Due date is coming up in" with a set number, it simply ignores all other upcoming tasks EXCEPT the ones due in exactly 21 days.  So, for example, a task due in two days would not appear. 

I want to trigger this ONCE a week (users want an end-of-the-week reminder of what's coming due next week.) So, I don't want to run this daily. And, I want to keep sending emails for tasks COMING DUE within the 21 days (so they'd get 3 emails if still incomplete.)

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?

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Mark B Wager March 28, 2024

Apparently, there's an open bug related to this.  Posting it here so people can vote on it.

I hope they get this working soon. 


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Stephen Wright _Elabor8_
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Community Leader
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March 23, 2024

Hi @Mark B Wager 

Strange! I also see this behaviour when I tried.

I'd report this one to Atlassian, via

Let us know what they say :)


Mark B Wager March 26, 2024

I submitted a ticket.  I'll post what they say.

It is strange, because using the same logic, I set one up for "due date has passed" (PAST DUE) tasks. This WORKS AS EXPECTED. If I set the "due date has passed" 3 days, it continues to email me for EVERY issue that is more than 3 days past due (e.g., 22 days), not just the ones that are exactly 3 days past due.

It seems BOTH SHOULD WORK THE SAME -- triggering on issues that are either DUE WITHIN THE FUTURE TIME FRAME or PAST DUE AFTER A TIME FRAME -- both using the same logic.

This seems like a bug.


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