Please linkify the space name/icon at top left of Confluence Cloud page

Ture Hoefner May 5, 2020

Can we please have the space name and icon at the top left of the page be a link to the space home page like it is in Confluence Server?

Sounds crazy but that non-linkified space icon at top left has tripped me up... for months... somehow I never realized that all I had to do was click on "Overview" to get to the home page. 

Spankings for whoever decided to name the "Home Page" item/link as "Overview" and more spankings for whoever didn't linkify the space name and icon.




In Confluence Server the space name is always a link when it shows up at the top.  I switch back and forth between Server and Cloud all the time and I believe that there is no reason not to have consistency in the UX between Server and Cloud for details like this.

Please linkify that space name/icon at top left.




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