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"Unnamed Entry" appears on Entry links, when clicking it resolves (sometimes)

Stefan Froehlich April 3, 2024

Hi all,

strange issue here, we have created multiple databases with entry links. Some of them get resolved immediately correctly with the correct name, others I have to click first to be updated, and some stay as "Unnamed entry" even when clicking. The backlink itself works because it displays the correct information but it doesn't show the title.

I found one post where someone mentions they had to move a text field to the most left position of the database which didn't help us (on most we have a confluence page link as the most left column).


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Stefan Froehlich April 9, 2024

Hi @Rachel Li ,

apologies for the late reply, so I have a total of 3 databases connected to each other, two of them indeed use the page link and one uses regular text in the leftmost column.

The screenshot attached shows the main DB. Left column is pointing to the same database (with Page Link as leftmost column) as well as to a second DB with a text column on the very left.

Whats interesting is that the entries to its own DB keep changing from Unnamed entry to actually displaying the entry (some are just taking time to resolve and some will only update when you refresh the page at the moment).

The column pointing to the other database doesn't resolve at all at the moment. Which is true for the other side as well (Screenshot DB2)

Just now I have noticed though that the actually entry shows indeed Unnamed entry but its not editable from here?

Rachel Li
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
April 9, 2024

Hi @Stefan Froehlich thanks for getting back! I'm still not sure if I'm understanding the DB setup - would you be able to share some more screenshots of your DB setup, ex. of the field settings panel of the leftmost columns/other columns of interest? Also, there are 2 screenshots in the original post, so could you clarify which screenshot corresponds to which database? 

Just now I have noticed though that the actually entry shows indeed Unnamed entry but its not editable from here?

Where are you trying to edit the entry from? I believe if you click on a link to a referenced entry to open it in the right side panel, the contents of the entry should be editable. 

Stefan Froehlich April 17, 2024

Hi @Rachel Li ,

as requested a bit more information:


Database 1 (IT Applications) including the selected entry link for Vendordb1_all columns.png

Database 1 Leftmost Column (name: Application Confluence Link)


Database 1 Vendor Column



Database 2: IT Vendors




Database 2 Leftmost Column Field settings: Text



Database 2 with selected backentry link on the top (Notice how the first entry now resolves with the name of the entry from Database 1 and the others are still Unnamed entry? Once you click it, it updates with the correct name)



When you select the entry, it shows for a brief second a "Loading..." on the Page link field, once that is loaded you can see the name:


To answer your question about the Unnamed entry, this is shown on the Page macro on the confluence page. We also see the same behaviour again with the linked entry being first an Unnamed entry and then once you click and it loads the Confluence title it resolves the actual entry name:



I am happy to have a remote session to show it live if this would be helpful for you and your team?


Thank you!

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Rachel Li
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
April 3, 2024

Hi @Stefan Froehlich thanks for reporting this! 

We're aware of an issue with entry backlinks where if an entry backlink references a database with a page link as the main field, it will display "Unnamed Entry" until clicked into. 

The leftmost column in a database is treated as the "main field" and controls the text that shows up in entry link and backlink references to that database. I believe the issue here is probably with page link fields as the leftmost column since you mentioned that on most of your databases the leftmost column is a page link field, and text fields as the leftmost column should work fine. 

Could you clarify a few things for us so we can better diagnose the problem:

  1. This behavior happens for both the entry backlink field type and the entry link field type (it looks like the field type in the second image you shared is an entry backlink)?
  2. What's the "main field" (field type + are the values empty) of the database being referenced for:
    1. entry links that get resolved correctly immediately
    2. entry links that you have to click first to be updated
    3. entry links that stay as "Unnamed entry"
      1. if the main field is empty for that entry, it's expected behavior that the name will show up as "Unnamed entry"
  3. Are your entry links referencing the current database (self reference) or another database? If you have both, is there a difference in behavior between the two?

Thank you! 

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