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Transposing rows and columns?

Tom Kent January 31, 2024

Are there plans to include a feature for transposing rows and columns when displaying database values?

(I wasn't part of the alpha so I don't know if this feature already exists and will come later.)

I'm trying to recreate a "feature comparison" type of table. Each "product" has its own row in the database, and each "feature" is a column. However, when displayed in its final form, I want the data to be transposed with "features" as a vertical header column and each "product" as its own column to the right of that.

I'm currently accomplishing this through page property reports and a Confluence tables plugin which does the transposition. It would be great if this type of of thing could be replaced by a database.

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Pierre Biffaud January 31, 2024

Hi Tom,

Why don't you create 2 databases, one for product, one for feature.

In your product database, you will be able to select wich features you have for each product (with the Entry Link column type). In return, in your features table, you will have automatically every product associated with a feature (with the Entry backlink column type)

Tom Kent January 31, 2024

Hi Pierre, thanks for the suggestion.

If I'm understanding you, that would create different ways of viewing the data--I could look at the features table and see which products use that feature. But I don't see how it would let me easily compare multiple products to each other.

The other issue is that I am only using the product/feature language as a metaphor to help understand the problem.

In reality, these fields contain numbers, dates, and text, so I'm not sure it makes sense to create a second database to store those values separately from the "name" field.

Here are the headers I use for my table so you can understand what I'm trying to do. Imagine that each customer has values for these, and I want to compare customers against each other. It's easier to do that in a vertical format than it is through two rows that have to scroll sideways off of the screen.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 6.44.56 PM.png


Pierre Biffaud February 1, 2024

Ok, i understand.

In that case, i guess the Card View could do the job, but that's not optimal. From what i know (from 1 week of using itm i'm far from being an expert :)) it would be the only way to display in a vertical view with customers next to each other.

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