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My two pence: plenty of browser tabs...? Too many browser tabs!

Filip Callewaert August 30, 2023

It strikes me time and again when I'm working in Confluence Databases that in no time I have generated some 20 browser tabs with all expected consequences:
- I lose focus at what tab (page/entry) exactly I'm working
- I have the same page/entry in edit-modus in several tabs; this leads to practices in which I add changes to databases, without saving them, and in the end I lose them as they never get changed

Would'n it be better to have a click on a dbase entry opening in the same tab, after notifying to save the dbase?
And if I want a new tab opening, I use the known Windows combination Ctrl+click?

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Divya Sriram
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 1, 2023

Hey @Filip Callewaert - thanks for the feedback. Interesting, can you help me understand how you're editing databases when you work with them?


  • Are you opening the database in a new tab to make an edit each time?
  • Would you not run into this problem if all changes you made to the database were automatically saved?
Filip Callewaert October 1, 2023

Hi, @Divya Sriram , 

I zoomed in on how these tabs develop. I see two forces.

After adding records to the database, and saving the database, I consult the records to edit them by clicking the Title field > it opens the page in a new tab. So, if I added 5 records that I want to edit, it generates 5 tabs. 

I also discovered this behaviour:
My database overview tab is the reference tab, the 'mother tab'. After having lots of tabs open, with the tab-title difficult to read (the more tabs are open, the less text you read on the tab), instead of searching my right tab, I go back to the reference tab (the database) and click the page I need again, but it was already open somewhere in another tab - so it is open twice.

And this now reminds me of the fact that I repeatedly had one page open in edit in duplicate, which is not the best practice, certainly not if I'm editing other databases in these tabs that need to get saved independently from the page. 


The alternative? 

Clicking a title field in a database opens in the same browser window / tab. Breadcrumbs are there if I want to go back to the database overview page. 
If I need to open more records in different tabs, I use the ctrl + click option.

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