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It is possible to use jql to extract data from databases and use this information in jira/confluenc?

Jesús Rafael Martínez Jiménez January 8, 2024

The idea is to use the stored data to access with JQL without using the provided embedded link or filters.

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Divya Sriram
Atlassian Team
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January 17, 2024

Hey @Jesús Rafael Martínez Jiménez - can I get some clarification. Are you asking how to basically query information from a database so that you can use that information in Jira?

Would you be able to give me a concrete example I can use to understand? What information would you want to query from a database and how are you putting this back into Jira. With that, I'll be able to tell you what we have today or where we're headed. Thanks!

Jan Breet BTSA January 31, 2024

I have a similar question - and I think where this is going to be able to do easy queries on the DB's

A good example - I thought to log the feature request "enable advanced queries like in JIRA".  In other words the logical query 

If for instance you want to extract / count status="in progess" AND DocumentName like "%BPF%" in database="sample_database"

This would do a wildcard search for any word/string BPF within the specified field (DocumentName) where the status field also equals "in progress".  Have the ability to then do counts / sums etc would be HUGE. 

I want to for instance track about 500 documents - where we have 10 consultants working on different pages.  We have the board view which is great, and we can add the "view" to filter only for that resource etc - but from a management point of view / dashboarding / reporting having the query ability would be awesome!!

This could also then be used for "single page query" - where one could focus and add a query that is only pertaining to that document - and when the consultant changes it, they just update the status field - and the rest will start to trickle through... 

Hope it makes sense in my words, and that this is the correct place - otherwise I will also create a separate ticket/FR

Jesús Rafael Martínez Jiménez February 8, 2024

Sorry, @Divya Sriram I never noticed about your answer. In my case, I need to use the information on DB to use it in Confluence through queries (JQL), I know that is possible to use DB through embedded, but is not efficient. Another case, is when I need to populate my DB with info in Jira or Confluence and know using JQL it's possible to do it. 

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