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How can I display a database field value on my confluence page?

Bernd Raesig January 30, 2024

There is a macro to create a database on a page, but there seems to be no way to display values of a database on a page?

How can we do that?

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Tami Dubi January 30, 2024

HI @Bernd Raesig 

I hope I understood you correctly. 

If you want to show the entire existing database on a page, you can paste the database URL into the page, which acts like a smart link. It also took me a while to find it out.




Bernd Raesig January 30, 2024

Hi Tami, thank you for your reply!

No what I tried to achieve is to show a single database entry or field value within my page like:

The number of coworkers is <my database field value for "# of coworkers">

Tami Dubi January 30, 2024

O.k. so apparently, there is a missing link in the beta currently. I recommend you to read the conversation I had yesterday with Filip who is familiar with the database.



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Filip Callewaert January 30, 2024

Using database values as kind of "smart values" in Confluence pages is not for Databases 1.0, I guess... Using these in the context of Automations would also be great.

The only thing you could do in Alpha, was showing one entry in a Confluence page (shown as a table). In beta this macro "Database entry" is not available anymore, but will be reactivated for public release, I guess.

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