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Feature Request: "Live Embedding" of individual fields/values

Kevin Davis May 6, 2024

I was excited about this feature hoping that it would allow me to embed "live values" from a database in other documents. It sort of does, but the experience for doing that is too noisy to be useful for this use case.

Consider this (contrived, simplified) example; a database with two columns:

  • Application Name (text)
  • Development Status (status)

Now in some of the application's specific documentation I want to embed the status only from this database. This "works" but is homely to say the least:

Screenshot 2024-05-06 071822.png

I'd like to just insert the status badge (or even the text of it) wherever I want, without the database wrapper. You could call it out as "live data from the database" by coming to a design decision like (for example) live data has a dotted underline and/or a lightning bolt icon next to it or something like that.

I don't always want to insert the whole database row into the sub-page, which is the other option. I want to use the values like a database and reference them wherever I want - so I could render it something like this [mocked] in regular paragraph text:

Screenshot 2024-05-06 072432.png

Again this example is simplified/contrived but demonstrates the behavior I'd love to see to make the database values useful across many different types of documents


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J P May 7, 2024


I'm finding the database wrapper makes the functionality not usable. 

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