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Bug: Adding entry in a view with active "contains" filter doesn't show the created entry

Lisa Mittermair March 12, 2024


when trying to add an entry in a view with an active filter that uses the "contains" operator, the add entry button seems to do nothing - in the background, it actually does create a new row. But it's not shown in the view with the active filter cause the correct value for the "contains" operator is not automatically filled in.

This only happens with the "contains" operator. If I use the "is" operator, it automatically fills in the correct value.


Screenshot 1: adding an entry while filters are applied to the selected view (button seems to do nothing)

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.33.16.png

Screenshot 2: the applied filtersScreenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.33.31.png

Screenshot 3: the result in the database - the column with the "is" operator has the correct value but the column with the "contains" operator is empty.


Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.34.01.png

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Pierre Biffaud March 20, 2024

It is because when you create the row, the value is blank and the filter filters it... A workaround i found is to add a filter (in your case) "Platform/App is empty" (with the match 'any filter') to see the newly created row.

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