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Confluence Cloud Admins

Created Apr 8, 2021, Last active Oct 20, 2021

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  • 🟢 Atlympics- New user confluence resource deck 📕 Featured

    Hello Atlympics, Welcome to my Confluence quick start, step-by-step resource deck wearing Confluence admin hat. Here's my index list I use in facilitating the new resources. This board is my person...

    G subramanyam published an article 17 7 08-05-2021
  • 🐎 Atlympic Event: Confluence / Jira Admins Featured

    Hello Community!  Quick disclaimer: We are running a contest on Community (The Atlympics!) from July 23rd - August 8th of 2021. If you are interested in participating in this contest (prizes! ...

    Bridget published an article 6 4 07-23-2021
  • Collaboratory Confluence Webinar! Featured

    Hello Confluence Admins!  Heads up about a new webinar called  Col laboratory: A Confluence Series, starting on August 4. Join thought leaders for a   20-minute  episod...

    Bridget started a discussion 1 2 07-19-2021
  • New Cloud Apps for Confluence! Featured

    Hello Confluence admins!  Since our last roundup in April, Atlassian's Marketplace Partners have added   over 100 new cloud apps   to the Atlassian   Marketplace   t...

    Bridget published an article 10 0 06-07-2021
  • Introduce yourselves, Confluence admins! Featured

    Hello admins!  Welcome to the Confluence Cloud Admin Group. This Group is a place where you can access extra resources from the Atlassian team, ask questions, and rub elbows with fellow admins...

    Bridget started a discussion 7 34 04-14-2021
  • Confluence Cloud Admins, talk to me about Onboarding!

    Hi there Confluence Cloud Admins! Happy Friday! 👋 First, let me explain exactly what I'm doing here. You may know me as a product marketer for Jira Service Management & Opsgenie. I've recent...

    Kate Clavet started a discussion 8 13 10-01-2021
  • Last call: For all the german speaking Confluence newbies

    Hello Confluence admins, I just wanted to post a quick reminder for those of you or for your colleagues who are new to Confluence that we have a great Confluence beginner webinar in German tomorrow...

    Andreas Springer _Actonic_ published an article 1 0 09-20-2021
  • Confluence beginner webinar in September

    Dear Confluence admins, for those of you or for your colleagues who are new to the Atlassian world, we have a great webinar: "How to get started with Confluence" Confluence is driving forward ce...

    Andreas Springer _Actonic_ published an article 2 0 09-02-2021
  • A simple Onboarding Handbook

    Here's a new-user resource we have created for new Joiners in our team. We have used an existing template that we liked to create this handbook. This gives the new joiners a brief overvie...

    Kishan Sharma started a discussion 5 0 08-07-2021
  • Confluence guide - New joiners checklist

    Hello good people of the community, Here is our little Confluence check list.. which actually adds on to the Jira checklist you can find here  The goal is to know what are all the items to ...

    Sajit Nair published an article 3 1 08-07-2021
  • Better Knowledge base results through documented standards

    The last knowledge base I launched had several hundred articles that needed to be generated by dozens of different individuals before our launch date.  In order to ensure consistency throughout ...

    Brant Schroeder published an article 3 1 08-05-2021
  • The Getting Started Guide We Were Waiting For - Welcome to the Team

    When we are learning a new product or service, we usually spent ages in getting-started guides, wikis, documentation, and various set of resources. Starting with a good knowledge base is essential fo...

    Teodora V published an article 17 3 08-04-2021
  • Getting Started with Confluence (Atlympics submission)

    Overview Does this sound familiar? I know there’s a doc in Slack-- just gotta find it in one of the 328 channels. Pretty sure somebody put that info in a spreadsheet somewhere. I’ll just grab a ...

    Nathan Phipps published an article 7 1 07-26-2021
  • Quick reminder: Content Marketing Webinar

    Hi Confluence Admins, just a quick reminder for our upcoming content marketing webinar in Confluence. In our new Confluence webinar, we present together with our partner Seibert Media, why and how ...

    Andreas Springer _Actonic_ published an article 3 1 07-26-2021
  • Code Display

    Hi there, We have Confluence Cloud and our site includes alot of code and API documentation. Recently the inline Code formatting has changed to display as double the size of the normal text, e.g.: ...

    ClaireT started a discussion 0 5 06-30-2021
  • Webinar: Content Marketing in Confluence

    Webinar: Content Marketing in Confluence Jun 26, 2021 Hi all, in our new webinar, we present with our partner Seibert Media, why and how Marketing Managers can use the platform Confluence for c...

    Laura Niedermayer_Actonic GmbH_ published an article 3 1 06-29-2021
  • Hello from Lexington, KY

    Hi all,    I'm technically a Confluence Admin, learning as I go.  I've been at this for a couple months now, trying to wean myself off of Wiki-style web pages and migrate over to Conf...

    Randy O_Neal started a discussion 2 5 06-21-2021
  • Event: Your Journey with the Atlassian Cloud 2021

    Hi one and all 👋 This July, AC and Atlassian have teamed up to host Your Journey with the Atlassian Cloud 2021! The global event is free for all and provides two tracks from vendors and cloud spec...

    Laura Holton published an article 3 0 06-17-2021
  • Webinar: How to deal with data privacy in Jira & Confluence

    Hi all, learn about the current state of data privacy in the Atlassian ecosystem with us. What can you do to deal with personal data that is actually present in your active instance already? We sh...

    Actonic GmbH published an article 2 0 06-16-2021
  • Macro, plugins, Space Blueprint migration from Confluence on-premise to cloud

    Hi Confluence Cloud Admins, I have been administrating Confluence on-premise for some time and have written number of user macros, plugins and space blueprint. We are now in transition from Confluen...

    Alok Juneja asked a question 1 6 05-12-2021
  • drop down list

    Hello, I was wondering if you might be able to help me. Is there a possibility to choose one element from the drop-down list? I can't really see the functionality of this macro. I would like to inc...

    krystyna.lis asked a question 0 2 05-12-2021
  • Top tips for new Confluence Cloud admins?

    Hello seasoned admins and newbies alike!  Share your top tip for new Confluence Cloud admins on this post. I'll make a roundup and share with the larger Community!  Hopefully new Conflu...

    Bridget started a discussion 3 4 05-06-2021
  • Confluence Cloud Performance Improvements

    Hi admins!  The Confluence Cloud team has been working hard on performance improvements for the past several months. They just shipped an improvement called Server Side Rendering (SSR)  w...

    Bridget published an article 6 0 04-21-2021
  • 🚨Webinar alert: Optimizing agile team delivery

    Hi admins! Be sure to sign up for an upcoming webinar about how to get the most value  from agile practices working with Jira Software and Confluence Cloud.  Bonus points if you atten...

    Bridget published an article 5 2 04-19-2021
  • Hello! Mary Connor from Austin, Texas

    I'm a veteran of Confluence Server and Cloud at a prior company; my new company is planning a migration from Server to Cloud, and I'm hip-deep in figuring out where and how to unify and manage the di...

    Mary Connor started a discussion 7 5 04-15-2021
  • 📹 Confluence videos to help you/your team

    Hey admins! Keeping your users on track + informed is not an easy task when it comes to administering Confluence. We've been adding short videos to our Community Training Library in hopes to provid...

    Bridget published an article 6 2 04-15-2021
  • What's your favorite Confluence App?

    Hey admins!  We know that Apps can make your (Confluence) world go round.  You can browse some of the new Confluence Cloud apps in this 2020 Spring Roundup post. What app can't y...

    Bridget started a discussion 3 9 04-15-2021
  • ✨ Confluence Bingo!

    Hey Confluence admins! Have you played Confluence Bingo yet? As admins, I'm sure your odds of getting Bingo are pretty high 😂 In honor of  Team '21 , this Bingo round is dedicated to all t...

    Bridget started a discussion 1 0 04-15-2021
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