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Best Governance advice

Khambat May 4, 2022

Hello Everyone,

We have just started building our Confluence site. We would be using a phased approach (few teams at a time). Our ultimate goal is to make it an organization wide Wiki / Intranet. Based on your experience, what are some of the things we should consider or take care to build a solid foundation and avoid growing pain? Looking forward to hearing from Gurus here. 

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Rachel Male June 24, 2022

Some things to think about

How will users search for info when your sight gets big and be able to find things. Maybe start with an agreed taxonomy labelling system for pages so you can limit the searches by labels.

Remember attachments such as pdfs and ppts don't search well and are not great at visibility on confluence.

Also consult your users about the information architecture. What might be intuitive to you might not be to another team.

Think carefully about page headings try to avoid duplication and say what the page is/does rather than something to abstract.

Think about how you want to keep things updated. Establish who can add new pages you don't want everyone having that power or you information architecture will crumble. 

Also establish some global templates early on to keep consistency between info pages for layout so you don't have so many layouts people don't know where to look at the page. Best to also run these templates past your users for feedback and make adjustments.

Don't work in isolation ask the team what they need. Try to establish the why things are needed rather than jumping to solutions first. 

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