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Awful Cloud Editor Interface

Zod August 20, 2021

I've been documenting using Confluence since 2010. I have much preferred it to other solutions.

Just moved to a new company and was hearing all these complaints about how users found it confusing, that they hated the app, and couldn't do things that I knew you could do on the Server version, and was mystified why they were so turned off by the app. Turns out, the company had purchased the Cloud version and updated to the New Editor, under the mistaken apprehension that "newer = better".

Then I started to try and architect their documentation, and now I know why they're upset, because so am I. The new Confluence Cloud Version Editor is absolutely horrendous.

Basic features like Indentation have been weirdly changed to Tabbing/Shift+Tabbing (which is a completely different thing), and I guarantee no one with a brain asked for that, because it's daft. 

Tables have lost TONS of basic technical functionality like the ability to merge cells and precisely control the EXACT size of the table (no, "wide" vs "narrow" is not enough).

And the entire default "narrow" paragraph thing where you waste fully 2/3rds of your screen real estate cramming content into the middle of the page?? Kill that with fire.

Matter of fact, fire your UI Designer immediately, because they're clueless. I'm angry on behalf of my users at how dumb these changes are. You just made my job and theirs much harder.

Fix this, and fix this QUICKLY. Just slap the old Editor back in, and make full screen responsiveness the default.



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