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  • An update on Compass and our journey so far Featured

    ...istributed architecture is important for teams that build and operate software, allowing them to find the balance between innovation and stability, providing a true total cost of ownership that cuts a...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 17 12 12-08-2021
  • Getting started with Compass Featured

    Welcome to the Compass community! Compass is a developer experience platform that provides a unified representation of the engineering output in one place. Compass helps you track the things your e...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 5 0 11-18-2021
  • You’ve found what you’re looking for! (Compass now has Advanced Search)

    So you’ve set up your component catalog. You’ve imported repos, assigned Teams as owners, maybe linked documentation, Jira projects, or on-call schedules. You’ve got scorecards and metrics set up to ...

    Katie Silver published an article 11 0 Wednesday
  • New in Compass: app for Continuous Documentation

    Hello Compass community 👋 It's Dave from the Compass product team. We thought we'd start the week off with a fresh new integration for you to check out, from our friends at Swimm is...

    Dave Parrish published an article 6 5 06-06-2022
  • Compass Communique: May 2022

    Hello Compass Enthusiasts ! Compass is heating up with more features and improvements! Explore an all-new scorecard, Jira issues improvements, and custom fields.   DevOps Health scorecar...

    Wayne Dailey published an article 7 0 05-25-2022
  • Unleash your (Custom Field) creativity

    Stage 1: You can (right now) create Custom Fields via Compass' APIs. Add text , number and boolean types, assign them to different types of Components (Services/Libraries/Applications/Other). In...

    Andrew Freedman published an article 17 0 05-17-2022
  • Improved Jira integration + a sneak peek at what’s next with Compass and JSW

    New and improved UI to view Jira Issues in Compass Thanks for trying out the Compass integration with Jira and sending us your feedback! After hearing from many of you, we’ve made some big improvem...

    Katie Silver published an article 12 0 05-17-2022
  • Grouping per project

    We have multiple project consisting of dozens of micro-applications in total and many more services. How can we group them, ideally by project, or even by label or component? Right now it looks lik...

    Mircea Braescu asked a question 0 2 05-17-2022
  • GitHub integration permissions

    Greetings, We are looking at connecting the GitHub integration with Compass. We noticed that it wants the following permissions: * Read access to actions, metadata, and organization events * Rea...

    Michael Juarez asked a question 1 1 05-16-2022
  • github links giving error

    seeing this 'connect to preview' error messages for every service... my jira is already connected to github.  

    prashant asked a question 0 2 05-11-2022
  • Want to participate in research on the search experience and Compass dashboard? Here's your chance!

      Summary: I’m looking for people to participate in a remote research session focused on some exciting features - a Compass dashboard and improving the search experience! Who’s interested...

    Sophie Avard published an article 9 3 05-11-2022
  • Will there be an Azure DevOps integration or a way to push information into Compass from any platfor

    Hello! Our team is very interested in using Compass, but our DevOps platform and home to our git repositories is Azure DevOps.   Are there any plans to integrate with ADO, or to provide a way ...

    mdude2314 asked a question 3 1 04-29-2022
  • Will Compass be in scope for the next SOC 2 and ISO assessment that Atlassian will conduct?

    Hi Compass team. I'd like to install and use this app but the Security&Compliance team in my company asked the below questions. Before I get the answer to this question, I couldn't move fo...

    gary_lee asked a question 1 2 04-28-2022
  • Compass Communique: April 2022

    Hello Compass Community! We were thrilled by the reception Compass received at Team ‘22 earlier this month. We heard the same stories from attendees that you’ve been telling us in interviews and...

    Kelvin Yap published an article 10 0 04-28-2022
  • Remove Compass from cloud site

    Hi   I joined compass alpha by mistake and now I can't remove it. How do I remove compass from my cloud site or delete the subscription?

    Thomas Bording Hansen asked a question 0 1 04-28-2022
  • Problem uploading swagger/openapi file

    I've got a component defined and I'm trying to upload an openapi 3.0 spec file but things aren't working as expected. Here's what's going on: 1) If I drag and drop the openapi json file, things work...

    Jack Cox asked a question 1 8 04-21-2022
  • Launch Darkly Integration for specific services

    Hi, When I found out about Atlassian Compass and I was very interested in the Launch Darkly integration as this has been something that we've been looking for. Unfortunately it looks like when that...

    George Sharpe asked a question 1 0 04-21-2022
  • Now available: Statuspage integration for Compass!

    Hello! I’m Nancy, a PM on the Statuspage team. We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched a Statuspage integration for Compass. The Statuspage integration allows customers the ability to co...

    Nancy Shao published an article 15 3 04-11-2022
  • Giving Access to Compass

    Hi all, If we were to enable the Compass Alpha for our Atlassian account, what are the permissions options? Would only the people in the Atlassian Team we assign to Compass have access? Or would it...

    Robert Johnson started a discussion 1 1 04-11-2022
  • Potential pricing?

    Is there any info available on how Compass will potentially be priced when it's released to production? We do have access to the EAP and it would be really useful to us, but I hesitate to ask our dev...

    Esther Strom asked a question 11 4 04-11-2022
  • Questions regarding future capabilities

    Hello, I have few questions regarding current and upcoming features: 1) as for now component dependencies restricted to up to 25 - currently our team have components that depend on more then 50 othe...

    Valentyn Serdiuk asked a question 3 9 04-06-2022
  • Now Available: Import Metrics from GitHub!

    Hey everyone, Henry here from the Compass Ecosystem Engineering team. We’re happy to announce that V3 of the GitHub app for Compass is now available! This version of the app will allow your linked Co...

    Henry Olson published an article 9 8 04-04-2022
  • Questions on Deployment API - Send Events

    Hi, We're trying to get events for deployments firing into Compass using the documentation here - And&nbs...

    andrew.pass asked a question 2 8 03-23-2022
  • Github integration not work

    Hello, I installed GitHub for Compass and when trying to configure integration I get error like Something went wrong Disconnect this organization and try again When I pressed disconnect button I g...

    Valentyn Serdiuk asked a question 0 13 03-15-2022
  • Compass Communique: March

    Hi Compass Community! Spring is here for the Northern Hemisphere, the blossoms are in bloom and Compass keeps growing new features and more improvements! Let’s see what goodies we’re going to be s...

    mj published an article 8 1 03-14-2022
  • Now available: Interactive map view for your dependencies!

    👋  Hey everyone, Horace here from the engineering team. A while ago, we started exploring different ways to display information about component dependencies and shared a concept of a visual d...

    Horace Kuan published an article 20 3 03-09-2022
  • Custom fields — who's keen?

    ⏱ The quick version; I'm looking for people who'd like early access to our upcoming custom fields feature. Let me know in the comments if you're interested.     Compass already has...

    Andrew Freedman published an article 5 1 02-27-2022
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