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Leaderboard Achievements

Viewing the kudos panel for the first time, I was somewhat surprised to see other people's achievements there while I was expecting to rather see mine. Although it's nice to see movement and watching other people ticking boxes like crazy is motivating, a filter to just see my own would be nice.

Also, would an opt-out be something worth considering to hide achievements from other people's stream? Personally, I don't mind others seeing my achievements. But given some more negative responses at the start of the pilot of some people who don't like being included in stuff without consent ... Just wondering if that may be an issue for some or not?

I was also a bit confused about the difference between achievements and the trophies. 


Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 28, 2020

Achievement feed for your own achievements

I agree a feed of your own activities and showing how you earned points is needed! This is on the list and I'll add your feedback as well. 

Opt out

I don't think this is something that's possible out of the box. We definitely do want the ability for people to opt out of the program if they want. I'll look into the "hide my achievements" option. 

Achievements vs. trophies

Will add this piece of feedback!

@Monique vdB 

The Kudos project looks great to me, but I would like to know:
1.- Who gives me the Kudos and why
2.- I would like to be able to look for a partner to see the kudos he has
3.- These kudos will be reflected in my profile when it stops being a pilot project
4.- There is some possibility that when giving an answer in any group, the user can later give a kudo according to the quality of the answer.
5.- The Kudos page looks very "dense", there is plenty of space to make it more visible and have a better arrangement in the information windows.

Jacob Young Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2020

Hey @Vero Rivas

Thank you for your feedback.

To answer some of your questions: 

  1. As a Community Leader, you will receive 1000 kudos points to give to other members within the pilot, these points are separate from the kudos you earn from the challenges and can only be given to others
  2. Overall, we are testing the functionality of this gamification program and given positive reception, we will merge the profiles 
  3. There is a possibility there, would love to hear what that experience my look like? Brave Browser has a similar capability for Reddit and other forums
  4. What features would you like to see highlighted? 
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Hi @Jacob Young 

It seems like great news to me, that you merge the profiles, because I think it is a good way to thank colleagues for the help they provide.

The experience is very positive, the only thing I do not like is that the information is very concentrated on the screen and for example, I have not been able to find who has given me the kudos.

Why don't you segment the information by tabs and expand the information a little more? It would be very interesting.

Perhaps an honor roll would be interesting both for those who receive kudos and for those who give them.

I give you an image so you can see what I tell you about the information a little more separated.

Jacob Young Atlassian Team Oct 29, 2020

@Vero Rivas 

We have some fixes and updates coming in the next few days that should help resolve some of your issues, so stay tuned! 

We will be providing a lot of feature enhancements over the course of the next few months and will keep you up to date on them!

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@Jacob Young 

Great news, thank you very much !!! 

It happens the same to me too:

I was also a bit confused about the difference between achievements and the trophies. 

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