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Welcome to the Atlassian Community Space for the Columbus User Group!  We are super excited to have this space to continue sharing our knowledge and experiences outside of our local events!  Please use this thread to introduce yourselves.  Tell us about the Atlassian products you are using and a bit about yourself!

While you're here, take a bit of time to look about the Community site as well, there is a wealth of knowledge about all of the Atlassian products, industry best practices and a whole lot of fun. 

Places to start:
Check out the miscellaneous-monday, friday-fun, or off-topic collection, for some fun discussions,

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Celina Zamora Community Manager Aug 03, 2018

This is AWESOME! 

Thanks @Celina Zamora.  Don't forget to introduce yourself ;-)

So, I'll get the introductions started!  I am really excited for us to have this space on Community.

I'm Kimberly.  I started the process of reviving the Columbus user group in late 2015, with our first event back in March of 2016.  Its been a very exciting time, learning more about the Atlassian products and meeting users all over the world, through the User Group Leaders and attending Atlassian Summit.  

We mainly use Confluence, Jira & a bit of Bitbucket, in my every day work, but I'm starting to use Trello more, for AUG and personal planning, and I am very curious about Portfolio.  We had Jira Service Desk for a while, but ended up consolidating multiple ticketing systems across the Org into ServiceNow.  I've been working with these products for about 3 years.  I have one Atlassian certification and I'm looking to complete more of them.

Outside of work and AUGs, I like to garden (ask me about my new Confluence space for tracking my plants!) go Camping, Roller Skate and travel.  I'm way excited to be heading to Summit in Barcelona Spain this year, and will be taking a few days just to see the world, while there.

I am really excited for us to have this space on Community and I'm looking forward to knowing a bit more about all of you.

HI @Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ Thanks for the invite, really excited to get started!  Woot!

Thanks @Billy Poggi AUG NOVA_ DC! Super happy to have you here to share your thoughts and experiences. 

Welcome aboard! 🦄

LarryBrock Community Leader Sep 25, 2018

Hi @Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ !!  Great to see the Columbus AUG here on the Community site!  Sorry I'm late to the party but I didn't get an invitation. >:(  ... just kidding =^)


Hey Columbus AUG - did you hear that your fabulous leader is also award-winning?  Yes, she received an AUG leadership award at Summit so be sure to congratulate her for all the commitment and hard work she puts in on your behalf!


Thank you so Much @LarryBrock

I did get to show off our award at our Post Summit AUG.  

I hope I can get a good group photo with it and Chuck the Buckeye to share with everyone soon!

I just want to give a shout out welcome to some of the new members to our online group!

Please feel free to introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about you and how you used the Atlassian products!

@Greg Sprowls @Bryan Robison _Praecipio_, & @Chanse Roberts  Welcome to the Group!

Welcome to our Newcomers! 

@antricia tran @Olalekan Fagbemiro & @kumar Gajapaka

Glad to have you among us!  Please feel free to let us know a little bit about yourself, such as what Atlassian products you use, if you have a favorite halloween candy or pictures of your pets!

Hello ,

Very glad to meet you.



Thank You Kimberly... Atlassian Products used - Jira and Confluence

Sending a Shout out Welcome to some of our New Group Members!
@Mollie Moore @Elaine Reece Michael Payne and Anil Kumar

Please tell us a bit about yourselves! 

Hello! I'm so happy to join the community.

I'm currently the Atlassian Suite Administrator for York Risk Services (parent company of CareWorks & CareWorks Tech). I just was promoted a few months ago so I'm just getting started. 

I've spent the last 8 years as a Jira power user while collaborating with teams as a Scrum Master, Business Analyst, and Product Owner. 

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and learning how to be a great at my new position with the help of this community.

@Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ Thank you so very much for all your quick responses. I sincerely appreciate it. 

Hi, I'm Elaine Zawada and newbie to Confluence. I have experience with Sharepoint and am eager to see what can be done with Confluence. Looking forward to meeting some members of this group at your next event!

Hi Elaine!  Welcome!

I am looking forward to meeting you at our event tonight!  Hope you can still make it out.

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Great meeting last night, Kimberly...I am impressed with the active and engaged user community Atlassian has here in Columbus!


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