Topic Tuesday - Voting Day (and Jira Issue Voting) Edited


I hope everyone went out and got their free sticker today!  

Did you know that you can vote for issues in Jira?  Did you know that Atlassian has voting set up so that you can upvote enhancments and fixes to be included in upcoming releases?  It is not the only measure of weight, but it does help them follow what is important to their user community.  Here are some great articles on how issue voting in Jira works and ways to use it in your instance.  

Watching and Voting on Issues - Jira Documentation
Crowd Sourcing Issue Triage 
How to Search for Highly Voted Issues In Jira


Check out Atlassian's Jira tracking for Feature and Bug reports here, vote on your most need fixs and let us know what you voted for!

Atlassian Existing Feature Request and Bug reports



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