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Topic Tuesday - Exam Study Group



Ok, so yes, it's Wednesday, but I meant to post this for Topic Tuesday.  Time is Wimbly Wombly Timey Relative anyway right?


So, We have had discussions on this in the past and I would really like to get something formal going.  We have some various options with this, but I would like to start with Jira and the ACP-100 & ACP-600.  I think we can cover aspects of both of these in study sessions, if you all don't think it will be too much.  We can look at doing these in google hangouts if there is a small amount of interest, or we could look at physical meetings, if the demand is there and we can come up with a good central place for most folks.  Nights I am available for the forseeable future are Monday & Wednesdays.  

I am following along with Dallas AUG as they set their study sessions with a Trello board.  I think this might be beneficial for us as well.  Soo, would love to hear your thoughts.  Online, or in Person?  Downtown? Burbs?  With dinner plans or BYO?  


Also don't forget to throw your thoughts in on this Topic Tuesday post as well


Love this idea!  I would like to physically attend the study sessions and maybe a board where we can leave questions. 

I think an online discussion would also be beneficial (maybe a forum format). For those of us who have taken the exam, we could chime in. 

So if we're looking to do 6-8 weeks of studying prior to the exam, perhaps we do all in person.  If we're looking to study longer than that, I would suggest doing Google Hangouts to start in smaller bite size pieces, then in person for longer sessions just before we plan on testing.

As for where, some place central would be best.  I always prefer to vote for my stomping grounds, but for something like this I feel most people will travel if the session is long enough to vindicate the drive time.

I would also say, BYO for meals.  Makes it easier to coordinate.

Good ideas @Greg Sprowls, I too am a fan of the BYO for meals, but wanted to make sure folks didn't skip dinner or some such to attend.

Do you have a preference for Mondays or Wednesday? Will either of those work for you?  I think 6-8 weeks is an excellent starting point for length of sessions.

Wednesdays would be better on my end of the two.  I will be free going forward starting in November.  Mondays are tied up with Boy Scouts, but I can make that work if need be for a short period of time.


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