Topic Tuesday - End of Year Events and Dates Edited

While we are still working on getting the events on the "official" site, I wanted to give everyone a heads up for the end of year events.  We are still planning on joining the Columbus Tech Life Holiday Celebration for our December meetup, so Nov 13th will be our last evening presentation of the 2018 year.  We will still have Breakfasts in Nov and Dec, but Decembers Breakfast will be moved up to accommodate out of office holidays.


End of year Schedule

Nov 13 - Meet up with evening presentation
Nov 30 - Rise and Shine Breakfast - Downtown

Dec 13 - Holiday Party with Columbus Tech Life (Date to be announced)
Dec 14 - Rise and Shine Breakfast - Upper Arlington


As we start planning our next year, let us know what topics you'd like to see and be a part of at our 2019 events!


Looking forward to this month's AUG, see you in a few weeks! I likely won't make it out in December, but I will miss the holiday festivities!

Awww...We'll miss you in Dec, but looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

We have a date for the Columbus Tech Life Holiday Party!

Dec 13th!  I'll post the event invite soon, but please remember to RSVP on our AUG, but get the event bright ticket to make sure you have a space.  The event does sell out!


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