AUG Meeting Topic Ideas

After yesterday's presentation on 3 specific Jira apps I thought it would be cool to have a series of app demos from the AUG members. So, in each meeting 1 or 2 Jira, Confluence, [insert Atlassian tool here] apps could be featured and demoed by one of the AUG members who's using them. They could explain the problem they were having and demonstrate how the app solved it, and go over the pros and cons. To make sure we're presenting relevant info, AUG members could post which apps they use, and everyone can vote on the ones they'd like to learn more about. 


Is anyone else interesting in this type of knowledge-sharing in our monthly AUG meetings?


We are using Tempo Timesheets and rolling out JIRA Portfolio.

This is an awesome idea @Anja Brkljacic and something I would love to do for the AUGs coming up in the next year.

@Scott Torbert we haven't had anyone talk about Tempo yet and I know they are widely used in the Jira Ecosphere.  Would you be willing/able to do a demo for us in the Jan/February time frame?

The February time frame would be better from my schedule. 

@Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ - I just got off the phone with Tempo and they would like to see if they could be part of these presentation in February (2/12/19). 


I have a a few questions since the meeting in November was my first meeting

  • How long does a presentation need to be (around 15 to 20 minutes)?
  • How is the range of people that usually attend?


We discussed the following:

  • Tempo doing an overview of Tempo Timesheets
  • I could walk through our use case

Hey @Scott Torbert

This is Awesome!  We now have something super special planned for our February meeting,(I'm really excited, but can't give full details about it yet) but we could do April, if that would work for you.

We typically run at about 30-40 minutes, if there is a single presentation, but I have things I can fill in with if you are looking at a shorter presentation.  Out attendance has been settling around 10-15 as an average, but it does fluctuate.  Feel free to drop me a message at kimberly.deal[@]atlassianusergroup[.]com.  To discuss more in depth.


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