Upvote my Feature Suggestion - Sort & Group sprint backlog in planview

Hi Chicago AUG!

I submitted a feature suggestion to Atlassian JSWCLOUD-17032

I would like to ask two things of the Chicago AUG community:

  • Please upvote my feature request if you like it!
  • Please plus on it, make it better!

 The scenario/ problem I trying to tackle:

When I have finished planning a sprint with the Product Owner and the team, I want to quickly sort or group the tickets in the sprint backlog planview so that I (and the PO) can quickly grasp composition of the the sprint backlog.

For example, As a ScrumMaster I want to sort the sprint backlog in planview by story points from largest to smallest so that I can see which tickets are taking up a large percentage of the sprint backlog or need to be broken down further.

For example, As a Product Owner I want to group all tickets with the same epic in the sprint backlog planview so that I can quickly grasp how much the sprint will be about a specific epic/ theme.

With these two ways of analyzing the sprint backlog in planview you can see the ScrumMaster, ProductOwner, and technical lead might have a new mechanism to craft better sprints.

Upvote today - thanks!

Andy Kreutziger


Interesting, in the mean time - is this something you can accomplish with an issue search, some basic JQL, and column display?

It is definitely true that one could make a dashboard for this function, but I agree it would be convenient to be able to sort by other fields right in the backlog. Sometimes seeing things in a different light is just what you need.


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