Topic Tuesday

Hello and happy Topic Tuesday! We would love to continue to find out more about you. Here’s the question: What is one way Atlassian products have shifted the way your team works?


Our team has been using Confluence for just about a year now.  We provide Level 3/Level 4 end-user support along with our development function.  We have made the commitment as a team to document answers to frequent or detailed support issues in Confluence and it has made our rotating support weeks much easier on everyone as the team is sharing knowledge in an easy-to-search tool. 

Awesome! We have a confluence event today @ Relativity in the loop. :)

Jonathan Smith Community Leader Oct 19, 2018

Our team is brand new to collaboration tools so task management (though JIRA and Confluence tasks) has streamlined processes.

We currently work out of shared network drives and Lotus Notes... 

I hope these products are adopted corporate wide - in progress.

The struggle is always ongoing.  It's good to get early adopters in and champions from various departments to meet regularly to discus concerns.   It would also be good to get off of Lotus notes ;)


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