Best Practice - Acceptance Criteria Pros/Cons Separate Field

Do you find having AC as separate field better than including in the Description Field? What are the pros and cons of having it as a separate field? US-AC-Jira.png

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We did have it as a separate field in our on-prem system. The advantage was that it was easier to search on things if they were separated out, and if a ticket had a long description, the AC's didn't get lost in it.

Since we moved to Cloud and the "new view", it doesn't work so well. All custom fields are forced into the right sidebar, which means multi-line text fields get squashed into a tiny horizontal space that requires weeks of scrolling to read. Plus (at least back when we first migrated in January) the multi-line text fields in the new view weren't formattable. That may have been fixed, but we made the decision to just move our AC's back into the Description field so they're front and center no matter what device or screen size a user has.

Thanks for responding.  Do you have the ability to use checkboxes for your AC?

Do you mean, set up a custom checkbox field for AC's? No, using a custom checkbox field would require constant reconfiguration.

If you're looking for a way to be able to mark each individual AC as completed, you could make them subtasks - one for each AC.

Alternatively, you could use a plugin like Issue Checklist.

Thank you.  Our IT wants to stick to the out of box features so I think the only option is to include it in AC :(


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