Looking for a Security Engineer / SRE @ ALM Works (Structure Cloud Team)

Hi all,

We're looking for a Security Engineer that would join our technical team in charge of developing and running the Structure Cloud system.

Structure for Jira Server/DC is already one of the most popular Jira-based tools for project and portfolio management. Our Structure Cloud system will take that to the next level. In this position, you will influence how the system is built and operated, with focus on security and privacy.

This position involves a lot of technical work but also quite a bit of organizational changes and internal/external communications. It would be ideal for a person with all the technical background and skills but who wants to do more.

Full job description is available here: https://almworks.com/company/jobs/boston/senior-security-engineer.html

We'd like to see this person joining our team at our office just outside Boston, but we'll also consider remote candidates if they fit the role exceptionally well.

Feel free to shoot me any questions either here or at sereda@almworks.com.



// Also posted in Jobs & Careers: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jobs-Careers/Security-Engineer-SRE-ALM-Works-Structure-Cloud-Team-Greater/gpm-p/1001579




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