Unable to change BitBucket Home Directory

Hello to everyone!

Last week we bought a license for BitBucket and now we're looking for help regarding the change of BitBucket Home Directory from a folder inside a physical disk (for example C:), to a folder inside another physical disk (for example D:)
We already tried the "set-bitbucket-home.bat" (changing the value for the home directory inside it) but it didn't work.
How can we manage to do it?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards.

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Ana Retamal Ortiz Atlassian Team Tuesday

Hi Andrea, are you running as a Windows Service? If so, you'll need to follow the steps as in the article Change Bitbucket Home when installed as a Windows service.

Additionally, if you're still having issues, please let us know which Bitbucket version and OS are you using so we can continue troubleshooting your case.

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