S3 deployment failing in pipelines

Sri Puligadda February 28, 2022

I'm trying to run the pipeline using pipe: atlassian/aws-s3-deploy:1.1.0  to deploy to S3.

It was pushing all the files as expected, but the end its giving deployment failed error.

Please can someone throw some light on the issue.

Below is the screenshot of the debug logimage.png

This the was the step in use

 - step:

          name: Deploy to S3

          deployment: uat


          - pipe: atlassian/aws-s3-deploy:1.1.0


              LOCAL_PATH: 'dist/'


              ACL: 'bucket-owner-full-control'



              S3_BUCKET: $S3_BUCKET

              DELETE_FLAG: 'true'

              DEBUG: 'true'


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Devendra Saroj August 14, 2023

I encountered the same error, and it wasn't the issue of file name in my case. Tried multiple things, at the end removing `DELETE_FLAG'true'` from variables worked.

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Ankit Gupta February 28, 2022

Hey Sri,

If it's transferring the files then authentication is working and so is uploading to the bucket. Do you see any other error message except "Deployment failed" as that's quite generic?

Sri Puligadda March 2, 2022

Hi Ankit,

Thanks for the reply.

As you can see in the screenshot, there was some debug info if it can be any help


2022-03-02 11:24:55,741 - Thread-1 - awscli.customizations.s3.results - DEBUG - Shutdown request received in result processing thread, shutting down result thread.
set -e
[[ 1 -eq 0 ]]
fail 'Deployment failed.

Ankit Gupta March 2, 2022

Hi Sri,

This seems like the sync failed with those credentials. You can locally try running the command for sync from here: https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/aws-s3-deploy/src/master/pipe/pipe.sh

It would be able to tell you why the deployment failed.

Sri Puligadda March 3, 2022

Issue was resolved.

Basically there was a file with name which has a non-utf8 character and it was causing the issue.

Thank you

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