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Password not working on SourceTree

Ok I'm having trouble cloning a project on my Bitbucket.

I have SourceTree installed and when I clone a project using Bitbucket site I get a authentication log in.

I used my username and password (i'm pretty sure i used the correct one since i tried it on the bitbucket site and it worked) but sadly it doesn't accept and just sends me a Authentication failed error.

Here's the image

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minnsey Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2015

Please see for updates and a work around. A new release will be coming tomorrow morning San Francisco time.

I just installed the latest ST update for Windows, and now am getting Authentication Failed across multiple different Bitbucket accounts. Team members who are still on 1.6.23 are fine, all who have upgraded to 1.6.24 are failing auth.

I'm having the same issue on Windows 10, just updated to

I just uninstalled 1.6.24 and reinstalled 1.6.23 and that version works fine (good news is uninstall and reinstall doesn't lose your repo configs). The problem with 1.6.24 is it loses all your accounts under Tools -> Options - Authentication tab.

Same issue for me. Updated to 1.6.24 this morning and could not commit anything, though I could browse the repos I have. Downgraded to 1.6.23 and all is well. Thanks for the link!

Same issue on 1.6.24, Windows 10.

After downgrade to 1.6.23 and look into Authentication tab again and found that in the new version 1.6.24, the host changed from ( in 1.6.23) to ( in 1.6.24), maybe it aroused the authenication problem

Thanks for the link to download the previous version. I ran into the same issue with authenticating to BeanstalkApp repositories

I also have the same issue on 1.6.24, Win 7

I've ran into the same issue. I've submitted a bug.

Same for me: 1.6.24 - can't authenticate with correct credentials; 1.6.23 - works fine.

Same issue on 1.6.24, Windows 10.

minnsey Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2015

Hi, yes we've seen this reported a number of times and are currently investigating. Apologies for the problems.

minnsey Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2015

Also can I just check, my testing so for indicates using SSH for git interactions works correctly the problem is with HTTP/HTTPS. Does that sound correct?

+1, https login from 1.6.24, Windows 10 is dead

Yes HTTPS login does not work fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://';

Like cariasbotella likes this

Thank you for the link to download previous version (1.6.23) that worked for me

minnsey Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2015

Please see for further updates.

I just updated to and also experiencing the same problem on Win10 Wasn't an issue prior to the update

Haven't they released an update to fix din? I do not want to uninstall and install again. I'm worried about all the preferences and settings too. Please release a fix on this asap.

@Carmela Umali i unistalled and then installed v1.6.22 and all my preferences are the same

The Askpass.exe.config fix worked for me. I just added it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Atlassian\SourceTree

The rolling back to 1.6.23 worked for me. Advised our team to avoid 1.6.24 Cheers J

Askpass.exe.config fix worked for me as well. The fix can be found in the above JIRA ticket posted by Michael Minns.

same issue, shame on you, atlassian.

Askpass.exe worked for us as well. Will work until tomorrow's fix.

I am also with this problem. Only solved making the downgrade!

The Askpass.exe.config from worked here as well.

Thanks Murray, the rollback worked for me!

There's a new update. I was with this problem too, but now with the new update it's fine.

I am having the same problem, but against an internal TFS server using windows authentication. Sourcetree keeps prompting me for my username and password despite working for a while, and I think it has caused my account to lock out the past two days. It was working fine until I changed my domain password last Friday...since then Sourcetree seems to lose my new password periodically. I'm reverting to 1.6.23 to see if that fixes these problems.

Same issue for me. Updated to 1.6.24 this morning and could not commit anything, though I could browse bandarq the repos I have. Downgraded to 1.6.23 and all is well. Thanks for the link!

I encountered an error like this while trying to register the software (e.g. to avoid free trial time limits), and it was driving me crazy. Eventually I discovered that the username and password I was entering were for BitBucket but the client wanted my Atlassian ID. Why these are not the same is a mystery to me, but why the client did not make it clear which credentials I should be entering is a design flaw.

Same issue for me. Updated to 1.6.24 this morning and could not commit anything, though I could browse the repos I have. Downgraded to 1.6.23 and all is well. Thanks for the link!

They already fixed it. Do a "Check for updates" in the app to upgrade to 1.6.25.


I'm using SourceTree for Mac. I had this issue for a long time, SourceTree was not able to log into Bitbucket but logging into Github etc worked fine. I just figured out that my username contained capital letters, and when logging in through SourceTree I had to enter my username in lower case only. If you came to this page and your username contains capital letter(s), try logging in with lowercase username.


Thanks a lot. Solved the bug (3 hrs wasted on this :/ )

Following a new install of Sourcetree 2.7 on a Mac the initial login succeeded but on the first access to remote repositories required another login which repeatedly failed using correct credentials. This was  solved as follows:

In sourcetree navigate to preferrences -> accounts.

Select the account listed and change the login type to OAuth - login form presented and credentials were accepted.

Remote repositories listed correctly.

Explanation (?)

On the initial login the licence file was downloaded from Atlassian completing the account details that had existed in a previous version - this used the username / password - authentication now uses email not password - by changing it to OAuth I was able to enter the new style email / password and reset the app.

I tried this and for a brief second i see my avatar when the edit screen is open, as soon as i confirm it it goes blanc again

i see this error

'Could not authorize request with the available token. Please re-authenticate.'

Im new to this forum, tried adding a second note here and keeps beeing deleted some how???


Found a stack exchange post.  using this worked for me using ssh, using the beta version



Seems like the input is wrong when the app is used and account is setup?

Im new to this forum, tried adding a second note here and keeps beeing deleted some how???


Found a stack exchange post.  using this worked for me using ssh, using the beta version



Seems like the input is wrong when the app is used and 

account is setop?

It is usually because the spam filters do not like links, especially to sites that are of poor quality such as stack overflow and stack exchange. 

Generalised sites like these do tend to have a lot of good expertise and excellent answers.  But because they can't accurately curate their content, when they go into  more specialised areas, they get swamped by people who really have no idea what they are talking about.  

ahh, was thinking something like that. Well im no hardcore user, so i'm with those newbies which know S$#@ ;)

But wanted to give other users my solution here.

Just before we look into it, perhaps log out of Bitbucket and completely re-enter your username/password to make sure those are your credentials. If that's OK and you re-enter those exact same details into SourceTree and it doesn't work then we could work from there. Also make sure it's the same user account when entering the details into SourceTree.

Just let us know how that goes and we'll get on it if it's still a problem.


They Already fix and i canto upgrade this, i use this browser Bandarq Online that responded.

No luck.... It's still won't get me to login.

I've just tested this with a couple of Bitbucket logins and HTTPS clone links, and everything works fine on the Windows client.

Are you sure you typed it correctly, and that the username is 100% correct? The username is from the URL, so please make sure that's correct.

Otherwise it might be that you're trying to clone a Mercurial repo, which isn't supported yet on Windows, only Git repos are until we add the hg support.

I am having the same problem and the other team-members too...

I've already tried to change my password, logg out/in.

fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Perhaps the trailing forward slash is the problem?

Had the same issue with on windows, typed in password for so many times, then rebooted the machine and link was verified from the very first time.

They Already fix and i canto upgrade this, i use this browser that responded.

Seputar Bolaku

Aha, I've created a new repo with one bitbucket user and tried to clone it, with the other, before granting rights for the second user in access management. It's easy to forget about it when you already have some repos with access granted for the user

I am having trouble with the password not working on Sourcetree. Using a Macbook Pro (which I don't normally use for Sourcetree), I open Sourcetree, open the desired repository and click Fetch. I confirm 'fetch from all remotes' and am prompted for a password for user "xyz" on host I enter the Bitbucket password and am promped over and over again for a password, which seems to indicate it is not correct (even though I've tested this password on the Bitbucket website).

Am I doing something wrong? Is it supposed to be a passord for an Atlassian account?

I too am running into this issue. We have a private stash server setup that about 20 users setup on Sourcetree have no issue accessing, but one developer cannot clone projects in sourcetree, it just continually asks for his password. I can clone projects through the terminal for him, but not through Sourcetree itself. Any thoughts?

I experienced the same issue. My password contained a paragraph sign (`§`) and I was trying to login from the Windows client, which did not work with After changing my password to something without paragraph character, it worked. Probably an encoding issue.

Experiencing the same problem. Tried logout and login multiple times on and the credentials work fine. If I use the same credentials in SourceTree they don't work.

Having the same issue on latest Windows client that I just updated!  Having the issue connecting to github.  I am 100% sure my credentials are correct.  It works fine on my mac too.  

I'm also having this issue.  After constant prompts for my password every few seconds I ended up changing my username hoping it'd let me start fresh.  It didn't help.  The fixes suggested everywhere else don't work.  I'm still getting constant prompts for passwords but the username is locked to my old one and the authentication tab is empty.  When I uninstall the program and reinstall it automatically starts with all of my previous account info there so I don't get the option of using my new Bitbucket account.


I had the same source tree password issue with Bitbucket Server (on local server) and Bitbucket Cloud.
The issue can appeare when you have an incorrect proxy configuration on source tree.

I removed my proxy configuration with Tools -> Options -> Use default operating system settings.

This solved my problem


Having the same problem as Murray Francis.

Using Windows 8.1, upgraded to v1.6.24 today and had to revert to v1.6.23 to get authenticated on my git account. Please fix this asap.

Just updated source tree to v1.6.24 and now I can't get authentication to commit to bitbucket.

I get the "Authentication failed" error since last update (1.6.24)
Username and password are 100% correct ( I can login to )
Reboot, didn't help.


Got the same problem and it is a real show stopper. We have a release tomorrow and I need to get working now.

I got the same problem with 1.6.24. I reverted to the older version and it works!

I have some error, after update to 1.6.24, password is 100% correct (i change him on Bitbucket site now) but can`t login in SourceTree to Bitbucket

Ditto. After the upgrade to 1.6.24, I tried to pull latest and get prompted for network credentials. Entering the correct credentials fails.

I uninstalled SourceTree and reinstalled version 1.6.23, and now authentication is working normally


Таже проблема после обновления до 1.6.24. С темеже данными авторизации на IDE всё работает. в Source tree увы нет. Полное удаление программы со всеми данными не помогло. Использую Windows 8.1

Great.. how long til this gets hotfixed? I can't find any link to go back to the previous version, has anyone else?

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