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Ignore Pipeline Artifacts in further steps

Dominik Kohler March 19, 2019

Our Issue

We use Pipelines for our whole CI/CD process. The Pipeline uses artifacts for the build-and-test part. It builds some containers and pushes them to our gcloud repository.

Done that, it just needs to apply the deployment-file on the K8S cluster, which takes around 15 seconds.

But because the “Build Setup”-Step consumes all artifacts before (which aren’t needed in this step), it needs between 75 and 90 seconds. Usually, this step takes less than 15 seconds. This means, one additional Build Minute to pay per Deployment (sure, it’s affordable, but still unnecessary) and also this minute for the developer to wait before he can start with the manual test.

Also, one more issue for me, regarding the artifacts is, that they can’t be overwritten. In this pipeline, I use the vendor/**-folder for the test. After that, I remove test-dependencies from the vendor-folder. Now I again define vendor/** as artifact, as I need only production dependencies.

But the pipeline now extracts both vendor/**artifacts, instead only the later one, and my dev-dependencies still bother my production container. This could also be solved if I could delete/ignore artifacts within the pipeline.

Is there any way to make this work?

The solution on our wishlist

Allow to name artifacts.

- vendor: "vendor/**"

Or even nicer, also allow to define import/export artifacts:

- vendor: "vendor/**"
- vendor: "vendor/**"
- env: ".env"


On Build Setup:

Look for Artifacts with the same name. If the Pipeline has stored artifacts with the same name, import them in. If the Artifact is not existing, it’s only meant to export at the teardown.

On Build Teardown:

Export all named Artifacts. Overwrite any existing artifact with the same name.

Compatibility with existing pipeline-files:

Unnamed Artifacts are still imported in every further step (as it is). This also allows easy usage of Artifacts that are needed in all further steps, and doesn't break any pipeline.

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Ray Gomez August 18, 2021

Pardon the necrobump, but this comes up in top google results annoyingly. You can see how to disable artifacts in pipeline steps in this blog post:

elanclarkson March 27, 2024

The irony is, this answer is the first result appearing in Google other than the general documentation on Pipeline artifacts. Thanks for the link!

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Xavi Ros July 15, 2020

Second post I see about this without answer...

Xavi Ros July 15, 2020

Hi @Dominik Kohler ,
could you find any workaround or a solution for this?

Many thanks in advanced!

Dominik Kohler July 15, 2020

nope, there's neither a convinient workaround nor any feedback from Atlassian on this matter

Like Xavi Ros likes this
Xavi Ros July 15, 2020

Thanks @Dominik Kohler . This is really awful... :(

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Philip Hodder
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
April 16, 2019

Hello Dominik,

We currently don't have support for either of the artifact features you'd like.

We have an open feature request to prevent artifacts from downloading in certain steps: 

I've added a (private) comment with a link to this Community Question. If you'd like to provide any additional information, can you do so on the feature request?

I'm not aware of any open feature requests for deleting artifacts within a pipeline. You can open one here:



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