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How to setup codeoweners in bitbucket cloud

I would like to setup a codeowners.

We are using bitbucket cloud.


11 answers

We're considering to move our code to Gitlab because of this...

We, Mibex Software, are happy to announce that our app Code Owners for Bitbucket Cloud is now available.

To use it, simply add a CODEOWNERS file to your repository like follows:

# Example CODEOWNERS file

@@@FrontendTeam @"Peter Meier" @"Tim Muller"

src/components/*.js @@FrontendTeam
**/*.java @"Jamie Gartner"

When you create a pull request, the app adds the code owners as reviewers if the pull request changed any files matching these file patterns.

As you can see, you can use both individual Bitbucket Cloud users as well as configure your own teams in CODEOWNERS.

For more information (and current limitations), please check the app's documentation.

We are very interested in your feedback to improve the app and to cover your use cases. Please reach out to us in case of any questions.

With radio silence from Atlassian for over 2 years on this topic I'm not hopeful, but I would really be interested in knowing the state of this ask as well.  The ability to assign different required approvers based on specialty or at a file level is quite desirable.

I concur - this is a much-needed feature and it's important enough that it should be considered an important differentiator between providers. For what it's worth, this plugin for Bitbucket Server (not Cloud) seems to add the needed features. Bitbucket - can you buy this from them and add to the Cloud product? 😅

Code Owners for Bitbucket Server | Atlassian Marketplace

3 years so far, and still in the dark. Bump!

Really desired feature for monorepo users.

I've been adding comments in the yearly survey about this feature, 2 times already.


No attention so far, Atlassian seems deaf to our feedback.

Oh my god, its almost 2022, can Atlassian please at least match their competition (even if they're incapable for outdoing them) and introduce CODEOWNERS? We have large amount of IaC in monorepos and we'd like to have fine-grained/file-level ownership to ensure that proper stakeholders are aware of any changes made to their respective files

This is now an essential feature/table stakes in 2022 and from my perspective, this one feature alone makes the transition from Github to Bitbucket woefully unpleasant and awful. This is the kind of thing that builds a momentum within the org to move back to Github

Just adding my voice here that this is a must have feature

Seeing the questions from Atlassian team on what community means by such requests shows how far it is from its competitors on this front. Can echo previous sentiments thinking that it is that type of basic feature that should be available for all Git code management solutions (similar as labels for repositories). 

I would propose for everybody ending up in this thread, drop a message to Mibex Software team who probably eventually develop some version of that plugin for cloud as they do have it for server (until there are some limitations and blockers). 

However, for our case, not sure if it happens first or we migrate from bitbucket as seeing this thread getting no attention from Atlassian drops any hope from here. 

Hi BitBucket team,


Can we have a reply on this? Code owner is such a core feature that other major VCS platforms all support.

Are there any roadmap plans to support this? We also really need this feature which has been in github for multiple years.

Any updates from bitbucket folks on this? Just trying to get an idea if it's being considered or whether I need to start looking at alternative providers. Thanks.

This is also something my team is trying to do, "codeowner" is the term Github uses. If Bitbucket could support the same format of file that'd be awesome

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Ana Retamal Atlassian Team Jul 26, 2018

Hi Archana, welcome to the Community!

Can you elaborate a bit more what do you mean by 'setting up a codeowner' exactly?

Are you familiar with Bitbucket Cloud permissions? Is that something that would help you?

Best regards,


Hi Ana,

Thank you for the response.

My requirement is that whenever any developer raise the pull request it should pop up with default reviewers.

There is one feature called default reviewers which is at the repo level.

I want to set default reviewers as more granular level.

To begin with at folder level.

e.g. I have one repo called Test and it contains backend and front-end code.

Now i need one set of reviewers for backend and other set of reviewers for the front-end. 



Thank You,


Like # people like this

I would like to know the answer to this as well. Github has had this feature for 2 years, and it looks like there's a plugin available for Bitbucket Server.

Like # people like this

Indeed, it's sad to not have this feature for so long, big companies cannot work properly in Bitbucket with the monorepo trend because of this.

Hey @Ana Retamal I linked this on a different thread, but I think people are basically looking for Bitbucket to support the same thing Github does here - it's more about finding who would be the expert on that section of the codebase and be included in the review, not about limiting access


Ideally the same format so a repo could easily be moved from Github to Bitbucket

We are considering moving back to GitHub because of this.

Every other player supports this feature

It is really unbelievable this feature is not available in BitBucket.

Plugins seem to exist to fill this gap but not for Cloud

Can Atlassian please let their customers know here if they will support such functionality in Cloud and when? Not providing an answer is the equivalent of replying *never*, in which case many here will move.

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