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Can we opt out of the new three-dot diff experience?

Matt Pedersen July 5, 2022

Is there a way for us to opt out of the new 3-dot diff experience? While I understand the change was done for performance reasons, it has Bitbucket unusable for us.

We rely on knowing that when we do a PR into a specific branch, we get the changes between the two branches to show up - not the changes between our feature branch and a common ancestor.

Setting up a PR of a feature branch into our develop branch but then showing changes that already exist in the develop branch is quite misleading.

We've never had any complaints about performance of diffs or PRs. If there was a slow diff because of lots of changes, that was totally acceptable to us because we knew there were lots of changes. We are happy to trade that performance hit for large, complex diffs if it means we'll get accurate diffs and PRs.

The "workaround" of pulling the destination branch into the feature branch does not work for us as there may be code in the destination branch that we do not want in the feature branch yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Bernadette Buck July 7, 2022

@Matt Pedersen and everyone, we aren't alone, I found the feature request. Vote for it here

Matt Pedersen July 7, 2022

@Bernadette BuckGreat find, thanks!

2 votes
Bernadette Buck July 5, 2022

We have the same question with the same reasoning as you, Matt, on all points.

Are we in the minority here? We use master to represent Production, and everyone branches off of that. Our PRs first need to go to staging, which is where these diffs are now broken. They still look right against master, but against staging we have any changes from other features that are already in master showing up again. And we certainly cannot merge down from staging into feature; that would prevent feature from going to master until everything in staging is ready--which is not our workflow. Features go one at a time. We don't do a release candidate or release branch.

We also found the performance acceptable as it was.

It would be great to have the option to use the prior diff style.

Jon Link July 8, 2022

This is a very common workflow. It's also what our team uses, so these new diffs are total garbage.

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