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"New access key is required.." block creation of new bamboo plans

ssides August 30, 2017

For reference, I have see the other discussion but do not see solutions.
New access key is required but could not be added to Bitbucket Server


I am comming across this issue but see no solutions pertinent to my setup. I am running bamboo(5,12,4) and bitbucket(4.7.1) in docker (on the same machine). I had this all setup and working previously but somehow blew everything away updating licenses.  grrr. Reinstalling everything and setting up my repositories and application links, I get to creating a first project.

I give it al l the necessary settings and select a repository and branch. Bamboo can see the list of BitBucket repositories and list their branches for selection.

When I click "Configure plan", I get the red message box saying,
"New access key is required but could not be added to Bitbucket Server."

Looking at /bamboo/logs/atlassian-bamboo.log I see,
"New access key is required but could not be added to Bitbucket Server."

followed by, "Can't authenticate with Bitbucket Server despite successful public key storage: ssh-rsa AAA...."

I can see a key was added to the repository in bitbucket.

I have looked at all the usual suggestions but do not see anything left to try.

What is the cause of this? It is very frustrating.
FWIW, the log from the POST of the createPlan action is here:

2017-08-30 23:01:10,932 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-16] [AccessLogFilter] root POST http://<>:8085/build/admin/create/createPlan.action 568074kb                                                               
2017-08-30 23:01:11,834 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-16] [StashRepository] Public key was added to Bitbucket Server (Bamboo user: root, application: Bitbucket [http://<>:7990], location: repository ORD12/my-repository): ssh-rsa <key value> http://<>:8085                
2017-08-30 23:01:11,846 WARN [http-nio-8085-exec-16] [CacheAwareness] Inheriting disabledCaches:[com.atlassian.bamboo.ANY]                                                                                                      
2017-08-30 23:01:11,957 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-16] [StashRepository] Can't authenticate with Bitbucket Server despite successful public key storage: ssh-rsa <key value> http://<>:8085                                                                                                          
2017-08-30 23:01:12,940 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-14] [AccessLogFilter] root GET http://<>:8085/rest/pref/latest/user/?expand=preferences.preference 462977kb                                                
2017-08-30 23:01:13,032 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-17] [AccessLogFilter] root GET http://<>:8085/rest/menu/latest/appswitcher?_=1504134072806 462722kb                                                        
2017-08-30 23:01:14,686 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-23] [AccessLogFilter] root GET http://<>:8085/rest/stash/latest/servers/ 460862kb                                                                          
2017-08-30 23:01:14,855 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-15] [AccessLogFilter] root GET http://<>:8085/rest/stash/latest/projects/repository?serverKey=4bd14a81-1533-3ae0-ba7e-960dcda18cb2&projectKey=ORD12&reposit
orySlug=my-repository&repositoryUrl=ssh%3A%2F%2Fgit%40bitbucket%3A7999%2Ford12%2Fmy-repository.git 460783kb                                                                                                           
2017-08-30 23:01:14,995 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-4] [AccessLogFilter] root GET http://<>:8085/rest/stash/latest/projects/repositories/permission?serverKey=4bd14a81-1533-3ae0-ba7e-960dcda18cb2&projectKey=O
RD12&repositorySlug=my-repository&_=1504134072808 458652kb                                                                                                                                                                 
2017-08-30 23:01:15,151 INFO [http-nio-8085-exec-20] [AccessLogFilter] root GET http://<>:8085/rest/stash/latest/projects/repositories/branch?serverKey=4bd14a81-1533-3ae0-ba7e-960dcda18cb2&projectKey=ORD1
2&repositorySlug=my-repository&repositoryUrl=ssh%3A%2F%2Fgit%40bitbucket%3A7999%2Ford12%2Fmy-repository.git&branch=master 457111kb




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