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Bitbucket limitations

Gabriel Viger January 6, 2020

Hello everyone,

We have recently activated Bitbucket and one of the dev. came up with these limitations. Anyone care on commenting these?

I spent some time with Pipeline and I think it is too limited and we will need to continue with CircleCI. Here the list of limitation:

  • Doesn't support starting a pipeline when a PR is made using a fork repository (this is our current way of working), this could be mitigated by using GITFlow instead of fork.

  • Pipeline deployment is limited to 10 environments and doesn't scale when we are using mono-repo since we have multiple deployments per repository, e.g. at the moment XYZ would require 15 environments. Composer/Front-end would have the same issue and probably worse.

  • Pipeline deployment variable cannot be shared across steps, so if you want to read a private key in more then 1 script you are doomed (or have to use some archiving hack)

  • Pipeline YAML anchor (shared scripts) don't support passing variables (e.g. calling the same YAML script with different parameters)

Thanks for your feedback!


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Maxim Sysoev April 5, 2020

Hi, we also have this problem as  we currently have more that 20 websites and the plan is to have about 100 websites so we really need to increase the limit

Can someone of support comment this and help us?

Nathan Shearer August 21, 2020

This limit wasn't enforced until recently it seems:

Seems this new deployments limit has an unintended side effect of blocking3rd party deployment services, like Laravel Forge the limit enforces 50 now, we had 45 before this change when it said the limit was 10.


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