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RSVP: Maxim Grouchevoi, DKB: Using Confluence as a Frontend for Jira

Joerg Mueller-Kindt September 10, 2020

This is the 26th of our Monday Night Specials, a series of virtual events with voices from the Atlassian ecosystem.

There are many reasons why you should use both of the Atlassian tools together - Jira and Confluence. The integration brings a lot of benefits: you’ll be able to organize project documentation in one place, you’ll foster better cross team communication and finally you’ll be able to create user-friendly reports generated from your live-data in Jira. And there are many more advantages in the combination of Jira and Confluence. But what about using Confluence as a highly customizable frontend for Jira? Have you ever thought about it?

Join us for our Monday Night Special with Maxim Grouchevoi on September 28th, who will show us, how DKB AG is using Confluence as a frontend for Jira. 

RSVP here:


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Lars Bachmann September 10, 2020

@Maxim Grouchevoi looking forward to seeing your presentation!



Maxim Grouchevoi September 29, 2020

But you wasn't there yesterday, Lars! ;) 

Lars Bachmann September 29, 2020

@Maxim Grouchevoi Eighty percent of success is showing up - but I did not even do that! (sorry, my kids had other plans for me)

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