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Revert from Jira remote user directory to local user directory for Bamboo

Kevin Huang July 11, 2022

Our Jira and Confluence have been migrated into Cloud.  Next we would like to shut down on-prem Jira server. But on-prem Bamboo and Bitbucket are still using it for user auth.

Bitbucket supports both local user directory and remote Jira user directory at the same time, so using local user directory for Bitbucket is not a problem for us.

But Bamboo is quite different. We can only have one user repository at a time, either local user mode or remote user mode.  I have tried to revert the user repository from Jira remote users to local users in Bamboo, but I still couldn't see the button for me to create any new local user or group. 

From the article , it says:

Please note that once LDAP has been enabled, reverting back to local user management is not possible.

Even though we are using Jira based user directory, not using LDAP, are we still hitting the same limitations, i.e, not possible to revert back to local user management?

Or is it because of our Bamboo version 6.2.5 is too old and it lacks this functionality? Does latest Bamboo version 8.2 support user directory reverting from remote Jira user to Bamboo local user directory? 

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Kevin Huang July 12, 2022

It turns out there is an option that we need to change from true to false  in the file <BAMBOO-INSTALL-HOME>/xml-data/configuration/administration.xml :


After above change and restarting the service, we are able to create/delete local Bamboo users now. 

In summary to revert from Jira remote user directory to local user directory for Bamboo, we need:

1) In Bamboo administration, under User repositories section, switch from Users and groups from JIRA or Crowd  to Local users and groups


2)change the option from true to false  in the file <BAMBOO-INSTALL-HOME>/xml-data/configuration/administration.xml :



Restart the service then Bamboo is switched from Jira user directory to Bamboo local user directory. 

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