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Need a Single Definition for a Variable to be used by Deployment Environments w/i a Project

Martin Bruegel February 3, 2020

Running Bamboo 6.8.1

I understand the general concepts of variable inheritance:

  • Global
  • Plan
  • Build  (can be overridden w/ a manual build)
  • Release (takes snapshots of global and plan variables)
  • Deployment

My problem is that I have a single plan-level variable (password property) which needs to be evaluated at run time-time for a deployment. 

The release takes a snapshot of the plan variables (so if the value of my plan variable needs to change) the snapshot value in the release, which is stale / out of sync overrides it,

Yes, I know I can define a deployment environment variable -- but I have several deployment environments (11), so setting a variable value 11x vs once is not scalable for my project.

Basically looking for any *one* of the following:

  • ability to back reference a higher-level (overridden) variable
  • ability to reference a specified deployment variable from a specified environment  across different environments in the same project
  • ability to bulk set / define a core deployment-level variable across multiple deployment environments w/i a given project

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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