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Bamboo downloads source code with wrong encoding

karthik June 26, 2019


We are facing issues with bamboo, while its downloading our source code projects with wrong encoding versions, what we need is UTF-8.
we do see random/junk special characters in our translations [under custom actions of advanced installer] example : "Für diese"  instead of "Für diese".

We confirmed that there is no issue from advanced installer.
We confirmed no issue in the GIT and the machine too, as when we clone the code via gitbash, we see correct special characters. also when we download manually code from bitbucket, we see the correct code/characters.

Note: Build is working, Projects/solutions/code is being compiled correctly but just the code is not being downloaded correctly from bamboo. when we do manual clone, its flawless.

we followed below links for remedies but no much help:

  •     JAVA_Home was set in environment variables
  •     Updated wrapper.conf [under bamboo-agent-home\conf] with
    this helped to see the "System Encoding = utf-8 " under Bamboo Agent System properties

        but we couldn't find any file in our server with the name "setenv.bat/"
        not sure where else to change the JVM arguments
        Bamboo version we are using is 6.4.0

    Update : 07/16 
    we understood that the changes need to be done not only on bamboo agent server but also bamboo server
    we found the file in the bamboo server and made the recommended fix but haven't fixed our issue

    Hoping for some feedback from this community.

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